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Cross Country – 2016 – Datchet 

It costs £25 to enter The Grim 4 mile race. It costs £25 to enter any of the gut buster 10k series races and it costs £20 for some of the G3 races.

Yet from November to January there are some fantastic 10k off-road events held on a Sunday every few weeks in a variety of different, unique and beautiful locations across the Thames Valley. And you know what? They’re all free for SJ members. Introducing the TVXC series…did I mention that they’re free?

I looked out the window on Saturday and thought “Oh cripes, tomorrow is going to be a wet one!”. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to wake up Sunday morning to clear skies – seemed like a good day for running and a perfect way to kick off the Thames Valley Cross Country (TVXC) season. 

So at 10am everyone descended on a field next to the Thames river, with views of Windsor castle. The crowd was made up of all different types of runners, some looking to set some good times and others who just fancied a run in the winter sunshine with some good friends.

Before the start of the race we observed a 2 min silence, to remember all those that have given up their lives for our freedom, as well as those still fighting to protect it. We also stood together in solidarity to remember Lucy and Stacey, the two extremely talented runners from AFD who were tragically killed when they were hit by a car on Tuesday night during training.

The race then got off to a great start with a loop around the start field, which allowed our supporters to get a couple of chances to shout out encouragement. 

The Datchet race is under 10k, pancake flat and marshalled by some lovely happy Datchet dasher marshalls, providing great support regardless of whether you were a Datchet runner or not.

The weather was great for running, with the sun shining bright and with clear skies all round. The rain the day before had created enough muddy puddles to make it interesting and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There’s a misconception that you have to be fast to run cross country, but it really isn’t the case. The event attracts such a wide variety of runners and everyone is extremely supportive. Oh and did I mention that at the end there’s a free spread of cakes, sandwiches and a very welcome cup of tea?

At the competing end of the race each club receives points for their first 6 men and first 4 ladies to cross the line. However, the more runners we have the more we can ‘push’ (not literally) other clubs down the table. Everyone matters and the more people that can take part, regardless of whether you will score or not, the better it is. At the end of the day, we would just love to have 100s of our club vests out there – all enjoying themselves.

This blog post is also a special plea to the girls this week – we were thin on the ground at Datchet and I’d love to see more of you at the next event (Handy cross). Come on ladies this is a call to action! 

Finally – one of the most satisfying feelings in the world is the feeling you get when you wash all the mud off in a lovely hot shower! (MFS might think it is the beer you drink when we meet in the pub after an event – this is probably also true).

Scorers this week (I think- yet tbc):

Men: Graham, Jamie, MFS, James, Darren, Dan 

Women: Jenny, Helen A, me, Sasha

Moment of the day – Richard Boses’ children waving the banner and their loud cheers of support! (Best supporters on the course)

Well done to everyone who took part and our supporters for all the cheers and welcomes across the finish line. I especially liked catching up with you all in the pub after!

I therefore officially announce the 2016 cross country season open!

PS – I haven’t spell checked this.

Love Nikki “I only do it for the cake” Stanley 

See you all at Handy cross – Sunday 4 Dec


Race report: The Great North Run 2016 (by Royston C)

I have a huge apology and also a thank you to make to our lovely Royston, who kindly wrote this awesome article and has then been very patient waiting for me to post it whilst I have been wrapped up at work. So without further ado- here is Royston’s race report from the Great North Run…and boy it’s a goody!
50 metres in front of me, stands one of our most successful athletes, sadly he is not a Sandhurst Jogger, but the incredible Mo Farah.  The announcer booms out his name to the waiting 50,000 runners who are currently causing the biggest traffic jam along the dual carriage way in Newcastle, as we wait to start the Great North Run.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Mo Farah, but today this is the closest I will get to him.  Trying to remain relaxed, knowing I have not really put in the training for the forth coming 13.1 miles, I know I’m going to be relying on my fitness to propel me round.
A first for me today, is sun glasses, they normally annoy me by bouncing round, but the sun is glaring, the temperature is rising and as we are running in the same direction for the entire race it turns out the shades were a great investment.

Royston looking set to go!

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Race Review: Edinburgh Marathon

Edinburgh Marathon

… a member’s personal view

(A huge thank you to our lovely Chairman, Ian Watson, for writing this review! -Nikki)


At last year’s Quiz/Bake-Off night, I was the lucky person whose name was drawn out of the hat (to the predictable chorus of “Fix! Fix!”) to get the free entry to the Edinburgh Marathon, which the club got in return for a bit of advertising of the event. I thought a report was a fair return.

If you want to get a report of my own run in eye-glazing and mind-numbing detail, then I’m happy to give it, but here I’ll keep that to a minimum and try and give an impression of the event itself for those considering giving it a go.

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Race report: Endure 24 -Solo

The following article was written by George Green after his truly amazing effort at the recent Endure 24 race, held on 11/12 June 2016. A huge thank you to George for taking the time to jot down his thoughts – it is a wonderful insight into what it takes to compete in the solo category and a must read for any wannabe ultra runners out there.

Endure 24 has become a significant event in the Sandhurst Joggers calendar. This year, in addition to the 4 relay teams (32 runners), there were 4 Solo runners (George Green, Leon Hicks, Richard Boese, and Noora Eresmaa). Here are my thoughts on the Solo event, and Ultra Running more generally.

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The Marathon Training Camp – Part 3 Sunday

So at the end of February our annual ‘weekend away’ took place and this year the emphasis was on long distance and marathon training. I thought I’d write a review of the weekend, given that I organised it and everything (not biased). The review is split into 3 – so this is the last instalment 3/3 (Sunday)

Sunday 28 February

Sunday was reserved for the long run, and putting into practice all that we had learnt. We tried to offer a variety of distances to include those not marathon training. Everyone set off in three groups to enjoy the stunning countryside.

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The Marathon Training Camp – Part 2 Saturday

So at the end of February our annual ‘weekend away’ took place and this year the emphasis was on long distance and marathon training. I thought I’d write a review of the weekend, given that I organised it and everything (not biased). The review is split into 3 – so this is 2/3 (Saturday)

Saturday 27 February

I woke early and remembered I was organising this thing and should probably get up. The kitchen was already a hive of activity with a rather enterprising tea refilling system in place that meant the pot was always full. Wonderful.

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The Marathon Training Camp -Part 1 Friday

So at the end of February our annual ‘weekend away’ took place and this year the emphasis was on long distance and marathon training. I thought I’d write a review of the weekend, given that I organised it and everything (not biased). The review is split into 3 – so this is 1/3 (Friday)

Friday 26 February

Everyone arrived and moaned about the traffic. This is a ritual for all those who attempt to travel anywhere on a Friday evening. Oh that’s everyone except those hardcore triathletes that had decided to drive over after an evening swimming class and Jackie who managed to even beat me and get there extra early.

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