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The Big Marathon Season Finale! (and a thank you)

The Big Marathon Season Finale! (and a thank you)

I really hope you’ve enjoyed our Marathon Season blog posts – it’s been great having so many people willing to help contribute to keeping our blog project going and it would be wonderful if we can continue that in the future. This post is the last in the series of ‘marathon specials’, although that doesn’t […]

Race report: VLM 2015 – 38,000 Inspirational Moments

So as our marathon season special draws to a close, it makes sense to finish with a race report from the biggest marathon in the UK. The 35th London Marathon took place on Sunday 26 April 2015 and as always it was well attended by the club, who took part in the race, cheered from […]

Recipe Review: Jamie Oliver’s chorizo carbonara

Ok – so here’s the thing. I can cook but I am in no way a chef. I’d describe myself as distinctively average when it comes to culinary skills, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to give it a go. I thought that once a month it would be nice (I could be wrong) […]

Race Report: Manchester Marathon 2015

In the second week of our marathon special we have another marathon race report – this time from the Manchester Marathon. Introducing Patrick Wadsworth, who will be our guest blogger for today. For those of you who do not know him, Patrick can be found at many club runs during the week but he is also our […]

The Professor’s Corner #1 (Marathon special week)

Ok – welcome to the first (and obviously riveting) edition of ‘The Professor’s Corner’. As we’re in the middle of our marathon season special it seemed only fitting to put the Prof to the test with marathon based questions.  Answers have been transcribed for you below – Nikki Q. I missed a week of my […]

10 things runners say and what we really mean.

Hello – I apologise for all the technical problems this morning. I have learnt not to try and upload anything whilst on the train! Hopefully you have been anticipating the rest of this blog post! Ten things that runners say and what we really mean! 1. I have a niggle in my calf Translation: I […]

Race Report: Brighton Marathon #2

Before Race Day This year Brighton was a week after Easter and I had the week off, so I had the added benefit of not spending the whole week sitting at a desk but getting out doing all sorts of activities with the family including Go Ape and swimming (both good cross training), a day […]