10 things runners say and what we really mean.

Hello – I apologise for all the technical problems this morning. I have learnt not to try and upload anything whilst on the train! Hopefully you have been anticipating the rest of this blog post! Ten things that runners say and what we really mean!


“I’ll only be 10 minutes”

1. I have a niggle in my calf

Translation: I am getting my excuses in early!

2. I’m just going to take it easy and jog round today’s race

Translation: The second the starting horn sounds I am going to forget I said that and sprint off.


I love this really

3. Actually I am running ok at the moment

Translation: I have never been fitter in my life and I am going to completely smash this race

4. Oh it’s intervals tonight?

Translation: I can’t believe I forgot that it was intervals tonight and have turned up

5. You’re running so well at the moment!

Translation: I am worried you are going to overtake me.

Was the niggle in the left or right leg? I can't remember

Was the niggle in the left or right leg? I can’t remember

6. (During a race as a club member overtakes you) Well done! Keep it going!

Translation: Damn you did overtake me! And I thought you said you had a niggle and were just going to take it easy today?


Oh blow – there he goes!

7. How far have we run so far?

Translation: How far did we say we were going to go? It feels like we’ve run 100 miles. Please let there be less than a mile left.

8. I’m carb loading

Translation: I have no idea what this actually means but it seems to make it more acceptable to eat an entire saucepan of spaghetti bolognaise. With cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

Not enough cheese in this picture

Not enough cheese in this picture

9. Well my garmin said it was 13.4 miles, I know they’re not always accurate…

Translation:…But I have complete faith in mine and therefore the course was definitely too long, regardless of the UKA certificate and I would definitely have a new PB otherwise.

10. Oh I love running

Translation: I hate/love/hate/love/hate/love/hate/love/hate/love running.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the good weather!

Nikki “The translator” Stanley

About Nikki

General member for Thursday runs at Sandhurst Joggers

4 comments on “10 things runners say and what we really mean.

  1. How about when the winner of the sprint to the line turns in the funnel to shake hands. “Good sprint, mate” really means “I’m fast, you’re slow…suck it up, ha!”


  2. 2,3,5,6,8. In fact most of them fairly recently 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] bother with the baggage tent.  Selfie taken and posted to Facebook along, following last week’s blog point 1, with my excuses for a poor run.  Malt loaf eaten, cup of tea drunk and I was ready for the off.  […]


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