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Bupa 10k – aka how great is jo pavey?

So you’re probably expecting a review of the Bupa 10k. Here it is: Big London sights, lots of people, 6.2 miles, not enough toilets, good burger and drink at the end (not provided by the race). To be honest, aside from the large number of entrants and the bit of sight seeing I don’t have […]

Race Review: The Woodland Woggle

This weekend heralded a hectic few days of running activities for the club, with SJs spread out in all the corners of the UK taking part in a wide variety of events from a 250th Parkrun (250!!!) to an epic 50 mile ultra. Running solo, in supportive pairs and pretty much in gangs, we’ve conquered all sorts of terrains […]

GBR2015 – Live! day 2

GBR2015 – Live! day 2

7:59 am And good morning world! We are up and raring to go! Today SJ will be sponsored by caffeine and bio freeze. There’s one or two aches and pains in the team but nothing serious. Here’s to another day of poor map reading. There’s also 55 seconds between the two leading teams – so […]

GBR2015 – Live!

Thanks for joining! This blog post will be updated throughout the day with time stamps showing you the most recent entry. C’mon Sandhurst Joggers!!! 6:45am Oh my god it’s early. Why am I agreeing to do this? Stupid hobby. Good morning by the way. Thanks for joining. 7:00am here we go! Katy’s forgotten her number so it’s […]

The Professor’s Corner #2 The Green Belt Relay

The Professor’s Corner #2 The Green Belt Relay

Hello! I hope you’ve all been getting out and enjoying some of the nicer weather we’ve been spoilt with other the past few days.  I also hope it stays sunny for the weekend – because for those of you that don’t know, this weekend is the Green Belt Relay. I guess you will have seen the many emails […]