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GBR2015 – Live!

Thanks for joining! This blog post will be updated throughout the day with time stamps showing you the most recent entry. C’mon Sandhurst Joggers!!!

6:45am Oh my god it’s early. Why am I agreeing to do this? Stupid hobby. Good morning by the way. Thanks for joining.

7:00am here we go! Katy’s forgotten her number so it’s going well so far. In on a different bus to MFS all day – early win.

7:05am leaving on time is going well

7:something am still not left yet


7:27 and we’re off!

8:23 am stage 1 is at Hampton court. Wilkie and Brendan flying the SJ flag. Few nervous runners about.

9:22 am We’ve just dropped off most of the ‘odd bus’ to marshal. A bit lonely on here now but off to the start of my leg and despite what Patrick says I will not be live updating whilst running. Not actually starting until 10:40 so a bit more time to sleep. How is everyone else doing?

12:18 pm and the first yellow winners vest for the club goes to me!!! First lady! Only because a serpentine went wrong – really wrong because they still haven’t finished. Oops – the value of recceing your route beforehand!

13:49 currently I’m at a Marshal point. Just saw Dave B and Richard go through looking good. My legs hurt. Battery at 33% it’s pretty warm out here – need a pub!

14:41 we’ve just picked up Dave and Richard. Dave beat richard. They’re both pretty exhausted now. And talking about running lots. In more relatable news I’ve just got a cup of tea!

15:43 only 3% battery! But I have a drink! SJ storming round. Good w

20:48 well the battery died! End of day 1 and everyone is safe. Many people got lost but no one seriously and everyone is looking forward to dinner.

End of Day 1 scores:

Old Men’s Team: 5th

Team A: 9th

Old Men’s Team currently wining the vets competition (yay)

Stage winners: me and Jenny. C’mon the girls! Right off for food!

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One comment on “GBR2015 – Live!

  1. Well done Nikki! If the Serpie didn’t swot up on her route, too bad. Everyone knows very well navigation errors kill your time, no matter how fast you run. (Everyone apart maybe from J**es R*t***ffe )

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