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GBR2015 – Live! day 2

7:59 am And good morning world! We are up and raring to go! Today SJ will be sponsored by caffeine and bio freeze. There’s one or two aches and pains in the team but nothing serious. Here’s to another day of poor map reading. There’s also 55 seconds between the two leading teams – so should be interesting!


9:42 am just seen stage 14 off. Another Dave and richard show down. Everyone looking rather stiff this morning. Not in a good way.

10:04 just collected Ian and clive. Clive finished 2nd and Ian had an amazing finish overtaking two other runners in the last mile. Go SJ

13:05 well after a bit of shuffling around minibuses our navigation today is much better. No one has got lost yet and everyone has finished smiling. Just off to my stage – legs are going to be in for a shock!

15:30 just finished and back in the minibus. Really hard stage and I’m not ashamed to admit  tht I had to walk a few bits – apparently the winner did too so I don’t feel too bad. James, who was running for the Old Men (and Fiona) team has got lost. So I beat him and he still hadn’t finished when we left. We need to start a fund to buy that man a compass! Was it all worth it for a finishing view from box hill though? Not really as I could have just got there on the minibus like everyone else!

15:36 …and don’t get me started on what went wrong with graham!

16:30 just seen Patrick and mark off and collected fiona and katy. Fiona had a storming run and had a sprint off with another guy at the finish. James has been found.

18:05 all safe, finished and in the right place. Everyone looking tired but happy. I am so so proud of everyone. Here’s Brendan looking confused at the finish:

18:38 It’s been an amazing weekend filled with lots of highs and people getting lost. We have given it our all and are waiting on formal results but I think it’s safe to say it’s been another brilliant weekend. SJ thanks go to all the organisers, marshals and other teams (wouldn’t be a race otherwise). My legs are exhausted but I’ve just enjoyed a burger and beer so it’s a good time to say: Thanks for joining us for the first ever live blog – it has been a blast. Nikki signing out!

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