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Ok ok – so we’ve been a bit quiet here at the Joggers’ Towers recently, but that’s mainly because there’s been a lot of running based activities going on and The Prof has been out sleeping enjoying the garden in the sunny weather! So here’s a weekly ‘newsletter’ style update for you all and a little ‘up and coming’ section. It’s also a bit of an apology for being so AWOL* – I promise I have some good excuses though 😉 .

*Blimey that’s two acronyms already and I’m not even halfway through!


Edinburgh Marathon, half marathon and 10k.

The weekend of 28/29 May 15 was a bit of a running festival in Edinburgh (one of my favourite cities). A small clan of SJ’s went to take part. Paul A and Wilkie took part – I understand it was a bit of a tricky course! Meanwhile Jenny and Graham R took on the 10k. Sounds like there was a great atmosphere and whilst hard the course was enjoyable.

Yateley 10k Road Race 1

Ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock, the YRR is our annual race series, organised by the Yateley Road Race Committee and pulled off with the help, assistance and general love from Sandhurst Joggers club members. As I am a member of the committee I am massively biased. But it is the best mid-week race series. Possibly in the world. Ever.

The course is described as “gently undulating”, but the heat on Wednesday 3 June made it harder than normal. A few PBs were broken but most people just seemed to enjoy it. I had the honoured position of welcoming you all at the end of the finish funnel (and shouting at you all from the help desk earlier in the day). It was great to see (most of) you still smiling! Running a race at the end of a working day is never easy but you all made it look effortless. I’ll still sit behind the help desk next race though!

Which brings me smoothly onto the next point – Race 1 sold out in record time and we had to turn people away, which we don’t like doing. If you want to take part in the July or August event – get your entry in now and reserve your place. Seriously – lots of disappointed people last week and I would hate for that to be you next month! Also it means you can join in the debate about how the important thing about a running race is the medal at the end. I have a score sheet going somewhere…

I’d love to write a race report for the Yateley’s – but it would only be from the opinion of a committee member and the organisation side, which mostly consists of Jenny telling us all what to do (I’m not sure how much I am joking here). So if you took part in the first race of the season I’d love to hear from you – especially if you plan to run all 3! (Three less blog posts from me!).

Patrick and Paul’s wild adventure

I don’t really know what else to call this? One day, whilst mooching about on the internet either Patrick or Paul B discovered that there is a ‘Ramblers Route’ around Bracknell, which just happened to be 26 miles long. Neither being able to resist such a coincidence they decided to go out and run it. In the evening. On a weekday. I think they were joined by Newton and with any luck we might get a nice report on how it went? Boys?

Up and Coming…

So there’s lots to look forward to in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for:

Endure 24 – happening this weekend! Four relay teams (maybe five I forget) will be running for 24 hours around a 5ish mile loop. The Prof is going to have a field day with this one.

Runneymead Relay – It’s a club favourite with legs varying from 2ish miles to 5ish miles (I’ve done my research this week) in the Queen’s beautiful back garden (I..e. Windsor great park). If you like a bit of running and a bit of a picnic this is a great relay. Perfect for beginners as well as the shorter leg is almost enjoyable.

Ridgeway Relay – Less beginner friendly but no less fun. Taking place the day after Runneymead – are you brave enough to do the double? (I have heard that Erol is)

Thunder Run – Another 24 hour shindig and we have a couple of teams and a few brave solos running!

Yateley Road Race 2 – Why are you still reading this? Go and enter and then tell me in explicit detail what you think of the medal.

Up and coming but not running

Things going on that aren’t really running related:

Gig on the green – Fancy seeing some bands and taking part in a local community event? Gig on the green is in June. Link

Wimbledon – Tennis! Ok so the ballot was drawn months ago, but you can always get tickets the traditional way and join the queue…It’s in Wimbledon by the way.

Henley Royal Regatta – Boats! Not a good week to try and jog along the Thames path though. So keep it in mind if you a) want to go and drink pimms with boats in the background b) are thinking of running along the Thames in early July.

Sandhurst Joggers summer social – I think this is TBC – but is likely to involve beer. And a BBQ. and no boats or tennis.

Various Pub runs – ok a little bit running related. Keep your eyes on your emails for information about a pub trip with a little bit of running involved.

That’s all for now kids! I know many of you are taking part in some really fab events. Please keep sending the reports in!

Nikki “rather busy” Stanley


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