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Race review: Endure 24 2015

Endure 24 took place last week. For those of you that don’t know it’s an amazing ‘running festival’ style event that comprises of teams from solo runners up to a maximum of 8 runners. The teams start at midday on Saturday and take it in turns to complete a 5 mile (8km) lap before handing over to a team mate (or not if they’re solo). The race stops at midday on Sunday with the winning team having completed the most laps.

I thought about writing about it – but that wouldn’t really show how much fun it was or how special our club is (in more ways than one sometimes). For the record – writing about it would have been much quicker. Don’t let me do this again.

So I am honoured to introduce our first ‘video’ blog. I am sorry if I didn’t get photographs of you running. With 31 people it was difficult to catch you all (especially as I spent a lot of time eating/chatting)! I hope you all really enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Bring back some good memories? (I recommend viewing in full screen)


Nikki “I love you all” Stanley


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General member for Thursday runs at Sandhurst Joggers

One comment on “Race review: Endure 24 2015

  1. Great vid!


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