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Race Report: Rough Runner 2015 (Obstacles, of course!)

It’s summer already (did you notice) and that means lots of random races and relays all over the place. I really hope you all enjoyed the inter-club relay at the memorial park yesterday. Congratulations to everyone who took part and to John and Ian for organising and coordinating you rowdy lot! Hopefully it’s encouraged a few more of you to enter Dinton Pastures relay on Thursday 30 July 2015. To get another race fix this week I bring you a lovely report from Helen V about a slightly more unusual race. For those of you that haven’t met Helen, she runs on quite a few club nights and can usually be spotted storming around Monday night intervals (where she’s getting really quick so watch out!)- which is where I managed to coerce her into writing this report for me. So as a lesson, if you’ve run an interesting race recently you might want to avoid me for a week after – as I will try to talk you into writing me a blog report! Huge thanks to Helen for agreeing!

Ok – take it away Helen- Nikki

Rough Runner

Chris Lambourn and I thought we would take on a different run last weekend. We challenged ourselves to Rough Runner an obstacle race. There are three different options 5k, 10k, and if your up for it 10 miles. Don’t be fooled by the 5k option it’s not like a park run, all over in half an hour. It can take around 2 hours to complete. Not only do you need stamina to run the distance, but some upper body strength to tackle the tough obstacles that lie in your wake.

I can guarantee one thing, your have the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

Laughing, slipping, sliding, falling, climbing and more laughing   Rough runner is based on the game shows tekeshi castle, ninja warrior , total wipeout, and if you are old enough to remember Gladiators!!!

We had to take on the sweeper and try to jump the stepping stones while not geting knocked by the moving arms into the water. Then when wet and soggy run ramp it up and climb down the cargo net. Not quite as easy as it sounds.

Wading though swampy lakes while the mud tries to suck off your shoes. Soccer punch was next, hang on to the climbing wall while the boxing glove tries to punch out your senses and you plunge into the cool (freezing) water below. Lucky for us it was a warm day.

Big balls was almost impossible!! Let’s, just say we did a bit of swimming. A beautiful hilly run with fantastic views of the Hampshire Countryside before hang tough. Just keep swinging on these, momentum is key. So proud we never  got wet on this one!!!

More hilly running before being attacked by giant pigeons. Wrestled to the ground by these big birds really was fun. We finally finished with the famous Gladiators  travelator. I could feel my heart pounding before taking it on, as many others came rolling back down or were just running on the spot getting nowhere. Explosive power, long strides, head up and just keep running. A true challenge on tired legs, before crossing the finish line for  a medal and a well earned beer.

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday.

Go Helen!

Go Helen!

Thank you Helen! Huge congratulations to you and Mr L. I must say I would be tempted if it wasn’t for my abysmal upper body strength. If you are interested in this race the website is here LINK

Lots of SJers (inc Mr L and myself) are taking part in Thunder Run at the weekend – so keep an eye out for updates on that next week. Over and out from Prof towers. – Nikki


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