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The Marathon Training Camp -Part 1 Friday

So at the end of February our annual ‘weekend away’ took place and this year the emphasis was on long distance and marathon training. I thought I’d write a review of the weekend, given that I organised it and everything (not biased). The review is split into 3 – so this is 1/3 (Friday)

Friday 26 February

Everyone arrived and moaned about the traffic. This is a ritual for all those who attempt to travel anywhere on a Friday evening. Oh that’s everyone except those hardcore triathletes that had decided to drive over after an evening swimming class and Jackie who managed to even beat me and get there extra early.

We got off to a strong start – in the pub. Those who were newer members had the chance to meet the rest of the group and everyone had the opportunity to find out who I’d put them in rooms with.

Whilst the accommodation for the weekend is a Youth Hostel, it’s incredibly well ‘kitted out’ and aside from the room sharing factor I’d go as far as to say it is nicer than many budget hotels I have stayed in. Sharing rooms maybe one of the issues that puts people off signing up for the weekend away, but I’ll be honest – we make sure you’re so exhausted by the end of the day that you’d happily sleep anywhere*. On a serious note it’s really not that bad. We always try to put people with their friends and at the end of the day it’s just a bed. Also you can pretend you are in an Enid Blyton ‘Famous five’ book**.

After enjoying the pub we headed back to the hostel for bed and met the late arrivals who had by this time finished their swimming class.  It was nice to get a snapshot of Rich’s elite training diet – Cornish pasty anyone? The chairman himself also decided that this was the opportune moment to cut into the cake that Nicki had lovingly made him – which was more than welcomed by a few other runners in the kitchen at the time. I was in my element, surrounded by all of my friends, who were alternately eating cake or pasty and about to spend the weekend doing what I alternately love and hate – running.

…cont in Part 2 Saturday  

*True story.

**Also a true story


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