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The Marathon Training Camp – Part 3 Sunday

So at the end of February our annual ‘weekend away’ took place and this year the emphasis was on long distance and marathon training. I thought I’d write a review of the weekend, given that I organised it and everything (not biased). The review is split into 3 – so this is the last instalment 3/3 (Sunday)

Sunday 28 February

Sunday was reserved for the long run, and putting into practice all that we had learnt. We tried to offer a variety of distances to include those not marathon training. Everyone set off in three groups to enjoy the stunning countryside.

The main route comprised of 11-12 miles. All off road and exceptionally boggy in areas. I took the steady group and we kept together until a few of the group wanting to do a shorter distance turned back (I think they ran around 6 miles in total).

Then there was just my merry group. I have no idea how the other two faster groups got on – but no one got lost or left behind so I assume it all went well!

Meanwhile we had a wonderful time stopping to enjoy the scenery and share snacks (Andrea had some great little sweets that I can’t recall the name of but they were very much welcomed!). We chatted a lot whilst I pretended to know where we were – luckily I had recced the route earlier in the month and under strict guidance of MFS I had most of it committed to memory. The route took in part of The Ridgeway, many fields, the turkey farm (very quiet during February) and a few smaller village areas.

There was one great big hill at the end – which I had warned everyone about. Unperturbed, or perhaps with no choice, everyone made it up. Here’s the picture to prove it! (Sorry girls – having run 10 miles previously it doesn’t make for the best photo opportunity but I was really proud of everyone)


I can’t rotate this picture to save my life. Try rotating your computer screen for full effect


At the end of the loop there was an opportunity to carry on and do an extra 5 miles. I couldn’t convince my group to carry on so I dashed off to catch the middle group and enjoyed a few miles with them.

At the end of the long runs, when everyone was safely back at the YHA, recovery and refuelling commenced! I have to say that I think we have this down to a fine art now! Good work team!

All that was left was to clean up and say our goodbyes. Organising a weekend like this wasn’t easy, but with such a great group who were all enthusiastic, motivated and willing to knuckle down and help when it was needed the weekend passed like a dream. I have to give my heartfelt thanks to Nicki for all the amazing food preparation and for general support and Ian for organising such a fab social event. Lastly to MFS for putting up with me stressing about it all for months in advance and making sure I always had a cup of tea/glass of wine over the weekend.

I really hope all who attended both enjoyed the weekend and found it useful. We were down on numbers this year and as a result may have to consider if the event has a future. Your feedback would be appreciated!

Nikki “thank God that’s over” Stanley


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One comment on “The Marathon Training Camp – Part 3 Sunday

  1. Wow sounds a fab weekend – I should put it in the diary for next year!


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