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G3 Fitstuff Off-Road Series – completing the set by Danni Scott

I heard recently from Patrick Wadsworth about new runner Danni Scott who despite only starting running and joining the club last July had done really well at the recent G3 Fitstuff series of events. These are very tough off road races near Newlands Corner in the Surrey Hills over distances from 5-15km with not a single flat kilometer – the courses are either up or down. Even more impressive is that in the final round her preferred 10km option was sold out so she embraced the challenge and took on the longer distance even though it was the furthest she’d ever raced. Here’s her view on the events…..

On the 7th and 21st January and the 4th February I ran the Fitstuff G3 Series.

I started running and joined Sandhurst joggers last July and have done a few 10k runs.  When entering I decided to do the 5, 10 and the 15k knowing that the last one would be the biggest challenge as the longest I have run is 10k.

7th Jan was cold and very muddy.  The main aim I realised quite soon in was to stay upright.  There were no really big hilly parts and as only a 5k I really enjoyed it.

21st Jan and it was time for the 10k.  The ground was frozen and so it was a lot easier to run than the previous race.  I ran this one with a friend and so it was quite enjoyable although there was one super steep hill and my legs wanted to give up halfway.

After the 10k I decided that I would do another 10k for the third run but went to book and all of the 10k slots had sold.  I booked the 15k telling myself I could just run the 10k route.

The 4th Feb came around and it had been raining a lot the week before and so the ground was very muddy.  The split for 10 or 15k was at about the 4k mark and I decided to just go for it and do the 15k.  There were a few super steep hills, one of which I debated stopping halfway for a rest but wondered if I would get started again!  After the split I didn’t see any other runners so realised I was at the back, I was worried before that I would be bored as I didn’t have my friend for company but I actually enjoyed the scenery and the time to my own thoughts.  It was tough and I walked some of the hills but I did it.  I came 137th of 137 but timing really didn’t matter to me and I was just over the moon that I had completed my first 15k!


Now I am wondering what my next challenge should be?


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