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Fleet Half Marathon – Matthew Barlow tells of his first half in 12 years…

Legs aching a little this morning but not as bad as I was expecting!

Yesterday was fun. My first half marathon for 12 years having recently got back into running via the Sandhurst Joggers Tuesday night runs. I had been training well but unfortunately got pneumonia at the end of last year so wasn’t quite as match fit as I’d hoped but I did manage to get a couple of 10 mile runs in over the last 3 weeks so I was determined to enjoy it as much as possible.

Matthew Barlow - Fleet Half

The atmosphere at the Fleet Half was terrific at the start (which I got a little caught up in and started far too quickly!) and it was great to see so many people out supporting the runners on a cold and windy day, especially on the loops around Fleet. The wind certainly didn’t make it easy for the last couple of miles from Crookham Village into Fleet though and it most definitely did feel like the full half marathon distance by the time I’d finished back at Calthorpe Park.

 I crossed the line in 2 hours 11 minutes which was great as I was aiming for 2:15 and a PB for me compared to my last half all those years ago.

Matthew Barlow - Fleet Half data

 Can I just say it was also a real boost to hear so many calls of “Come on Sandhurst” from fellow SJ runners and supporters in the crowd when the legs were starting to ache and I’ve very much enjoyed being a part of Sandhurst Joggers for the last few months so a big thank you for the support yesterday and to everyone for making me feel so welcome and a part of the club.

Now I have a time to beat for 2018…

Well done to everyone else who ran at Fleet and Reading yesterday.

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