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Alison Jones reaches the ‘Majors’ halfway mark in London 2015

Since most members of Sandhurst Joggers have completed the London Marathon, many on numerous occasions, I will not dwell too much on this, hooray I hear you say! I actually had a “good for age” place for the previous year, but due to stupidity, which led to injury, I had to defer this to 2015.

I joined the rest of the “nutters” on the Sandhurst Joggers transport to the start, another middle of the night awakening and a cold start to the day. I was in a different starting area, along with the VIP’s this was the year Paula Radcliffe came out of retirement to run London, although I never saw hide nor hare of them, probably had their own toilets, lucky them!

Alison marathon London

At mile 8 I pulled my right glute muscle and I thought only another 18 to go, so running with a really weird gait I carried on, anyone running behind me must have thought I was deformed, but needs must, quitting is not an option!

I had decided at this point that I would just enjoy the experience, the sun came out and I shuffled along until I saw Paula coming up on the other side of the road and the guy next to me said “she’s only 9 miles in front, still time to catch her” needless to say she beat me.

I was amazed to clock 4.00.36 with half a functioning buttock, just goes to show you.

Although I have never repeated any of the marathons I have done, I will look at doing London again in the future, so see you all there, hopefully firing with both buttocks.



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