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The Joggers Journal’s 1st bilingual race report – Marathon Manchester compte-rendu de course by Sophie Le Saux

I thought I would give you your first compte-rendu de course in French! Don’t panic just yet, it will only be a few words! And if you struggle there is always Google translate! 

Whoever said it always rains in Manchester, well ce n’est pas vrai! I have the slightly red shoulders to show for it!

To say I was excited on Sunday morning would be a big understatement. I was up at 6am and ready to go to Old Trafford at 7am, all plastered up and coated in a rather liberal dose of vaseline.

Adam, my ever faithful support crew and I made it before 8am. After numerous trips to the loos (!) I was ready to join another 12,000 fous on the ligne de départ.

It took a good 20min to cross the start line as I was in zone G right at the back. The good thing about it is you get to overtake lots of people! Désolée, je suis un peu méchante comme ça!

The route is very flat and the support was amazing. Le public était très sympathique and very encouraging. I loved highfiving little children in exchange for jelly babies! 

Manchester Marathon medal

The run felt fine until mile 21 (nearly 34km for you, metric converts!) and then it started to get tougher. But I wasn’t going to give up! Non, non, non! All those long muddy runs at the Look Out on a Sunday came in handy. When you can run 20 miles on the muddy hills, running on flat roads will seem a lot easier! 

I swear the last mile was the longest of all. People were shouting “you are nearly there” and after the corner I could see the finish line. As I was running towards it, it really felt the line was running away from me! I tried one of my usual finish sprint but my legs said “non, ce n’est possible!” and I just had to plod along.

When I finally crossed the finish line, I’m sure you can all imagine the pride and relief I was feeling! It just felt amazing and I’m so heureuse I completed my first marathon in 4:03. 

Sophie - Manchester Marathon

Some parts of the race are very blurry, I remember seeing Patrick running rather well. A big Merci to him for waiting for me after the finish line! 

It just goes to show that with some determination and some good old stubbornness you can achieve anything! Tout est possible!

And yes, I’m considering signing up for another one 😊. 

In my best Del Boy impression…bonnet de douche and bonjour!


One comment on “The Joggers Journal’s 1st bilingual race report – Marathon Manchester compte-rendu de course by Sophie Le Saux

  1. Perfect Franglais! BIen run


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