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Boston Marathon – Alison Jones reports from her 5th Major

Boston Marathon April 2016

Patrick Wadsworth and I were both in Boston at the same time and for the same reason, but although we did communicate via Messenger, we never managed to meet up. Patrick has written at length about Boston, so I can only add a few bits from my perspective.

I had a later start time, therefore could get up when it was light for a change!

What struck me about the Boston Marathon, was the amount of new coverage it received, not only because of the bombings 2 years prior but it just seemed to be an event in which the whole city revelled and were proud of.

Alison marathon Boston

2016 was the 150th running of the world’s oldest marathon (if you discount Pheidippides in 530 – 490BC) and it is the 50th anniversary of Katherine Switzer being the first woman to run the Boston marathon this year, she has a lot to answer for girls!

We also had some of the victims of the bombing running in 2016, so it was really special.

Since this event was 150 years  old, they have had plenty of practice to get everything right, and right it was, the organisation could not be faulted, from (it looked like) every school bus in the USA being used to ferry people to the start in Hopkinton, provision of enough food and drink in the start village to feed a small country and even the sun came out. Boy did it come out; it was roasting. Being Scottish this was not a good sign for me, they were dishing out sun screen on the start line, by the end of the race I was burned down one side, I looked like I was 2 people stuck together if you looked at me straight on.

The one question you are asked when you meet fellow runners in Boston is not what’s your name or where are you from it’s where did you get your qualifying time, it had been so long before I could not remember, but I think it was (believe it or not, my nemesis BERLIN)

So that was nearly the end of my journey, just Tokyo to go, which I have written about at length.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures, mishaps and general rubbish and if you ever fancy completing all 6 majors you will become one of a very exclusive club of about 1500 people worldwide, although now that I am a member they may shut it down.

Alison - Majors medals

For you number crunchers out there, my time was 4.15.56… but who cares?

As they say in the USA – “it was real”



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