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Leon Hicks updates us on his Multi Marathon journey – latest stop London

Well April has been a busy month 5 marathons in total.

The Ranscombe double on the Brighton marathon weekend was a little warm for me, and with a few hills thrown into the mix 2880ft on Saturday and another 3250 on the Sunday. But the views were amazing and going around with a few friends made it more bearable.

Ranscombe marathon medal

Over Easter I had 2 marathons around Caldecott Lake this is not the most inspiring of runs but I’m slowly coming to like it in a strange way. My times have started to improve there as well which is a good thing.

Leon vlm

Then with over a week off from doing a marathon it was London. And what a race it is, a must for all runners of any ability, and the crowds are amazing and whatever your pace they will cheer you all the way around. The weather was as forecast chilly in the morning then getting warmer through the day.

Leon at vlm finish

So many SJ’s around running and marshalling and the whole way around I was looking out for them which helps the time pass a little quicker. I managed my fastest time in over a year and sub 5 hour.

Leon vlm tshirt

But the best part of the race was helping others on the course, I came across a young man just after half way crying and saying he couldn’t go on and couldn’t do it, so I managed to get him moving again and walked with him and reassured him that he could so after half a mile he seemed fine. I really hope he finished.

Leon & Royston at Mara party

So another step closer to the goal and without the support of many friends family and this amazing running community it would not be possible.

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