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Lynsey Lightfoot tells her story from the London Marathon

So…..my marathon went nothing like I imagined it to go…. I got marathon envy two years ago….applied but didn’t get a ballot place…..cried a lot…..then decided I’ll apply to charities…. was recommended to run for Phab Kids! Got an offer straight away (a year ago) and was delighted!!! I trained religiously with Charlie Porterfield, another member of Sandhurst Joggers. We ran a few half’s and Cranleigh 21 at a nice steady pace.

Marathon day came and I was lucky enough to have a spot in the coach! Got a lift to the library via Phil! Thanks Phil there’s no way I’d have been able to drive home. Got to London…..loadsa portaloos was like a portaloos field! Met my charity and my buddy Charlie. I felt calm. Ate a banana and some malt loaf. Then the start……waved bye to Charlie as she was gate 6…..I was gate 8.

lyns 2 vlm

Off we set…..so many people. I’d carried a camel back that had my tailwind in (can’t stomach gels) but I lost the nob at the top….so couldn’t drink it….argh ditched the (brand new) camel back at mile 2. Lucky my flip belt was full of shot bloks and Kendall mint cake. The miles went OK the first half…..it was warm….but sailed through….over taking a lot……going around a lot of people….dodging a lot of really tall people’s elbows! Cutty sark was amazing! Tower Bridge was unreal. I congratulated a bride who’d been married that day running in her wedding dress! I almost got taken out by a helicopter……I high fived so many people!!

lyns 1 vlm

Saw my family at mile 12…and cried! The emotions were running high! But I kept going…..mile 18 my back went……wow. Mile 19 I knew the Run Mummy Run team were there….the support was amazing….then I knew my family said they’d be at 21….or was it 23……well I spent those miles scanning the crowds dodging the walkers…..bottles…they were at 23! I hugged my kiddies so tightly….just 3 more miles my friends and family were shouting…..by this time everything hurt…..but I knew I had to do this! I’ve ran that last three miles and don’t really remember much of it other than in had to finish this! The mall was so great to see….the crowds were beyond anything I could ever imagine.

lyns medal vlm

I completed my first ever marathon in 4 hours and 51 mins. The thing I wanted more than ever was my family….just to hug them. I’m so pleased I’ve run it. It’s a bit like a love/hate relationship all the way round. My journey was incredible. I did for a time fall out of love of running. I’m looking forward now to running round the forests….with my two labradors than pounding those pavements. But at least I can say I have run the London Marathon. I’ve also raised over £2300 for an amazing charity..who treated me like a princess.

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