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Virgin London Marathon Consolidated Results and Highlights

Incredible day at the 2017 London Marathon. We had 39 members running, a huge team marshaling the finish and many more on course offering support. We’ve got a summary of every members’ achievement below, a quote from many on their experience and links to full reports just in case you have missed any…

Helen Antram – 3:20:49 – “I have learnt a few things about marathons today, bearing in mind I last ran London some 16+ years ago. 1. A marathon is still a ridiculously long way to run!! 2. I can run faster now than I could then (yay!!). 3. I may be a lot older but I am still no wiser – when will I learn that if I start off too fast the last few miles will be hideously difficult and my legs will stop working! Maybe if I try again in another 16 years I will be wiser as well as old(er)”

Click here to read Helen’s full report

Helen vlm

Richard Boese – 4:10 – “I finished a little disappointed with not being able to hit my original goal, but proud and relieved I managed to get round in 4:10 and not let the injuries get the better of me. On reflection, that 4:10 time was the same as London 2 years ago, and my 5th fastest marathon ever, so not a bad result at all, considering how poor my preparation was”

Richard at finish vlm

Sarah Boulter – 5:26:00

Sarah Boulter at vlm finish

Tracy Buck – 5:11:51 – “My favourite moment – well there were many but seeing the SJs at the end was such an amazing feeling as it meant I had done it and was safe and sound with my running buddies!”

Tracy Buck & Chris Lambourne vlm

David Cairns – 3:47:08 – “3:47:08. A new PB! 5 years older but 12 minutes quicker….was hell from 19 miles. Ugh!”

David Cairns at Expo

Andrea Corrigan – 4:20 – “My favourite moment, well apart from the finish line, it’s got to be tower bridge, it really is as amazing as everyone says it is!”

Click here to read Andrea’s full report

Andrea Corrigan at vlm finish

Royston Crandley – 4:28:37 – “A twenty mile long run, followed by 10k of intervals”

Click here to read Royston’s full report

Royston at vlm finish

Caroline Cutliffe – 5:36:33
Caroline at Tower ridge at vlm

Nigel Evans – 4:37:32 – “a day both of us will never forget and my SJ friends were a part of it”

Click here to read Nigel’s full report

Nigel Evans at vlm

Steve Falconi – 4:29:45

Janet Ford – 5:05:11

Janet Ford vlm

Hannah Glaister – 5:44:53

Click here to read Hannah’s full report

Hannah & her Dad

Chris Greatorex – 4:23:19

George Green – 5:24:35 – “A lack of training due to injury meant that London this year was not going to be easy, but I made it, to be rewarded with a Claire Hobson smile and hug at the end!”

Click here to read George’s full report

SJs at vlm start

Lisa Hale – 3:23:32 – “One of my favourite bits is always going over Tower Bridge, the weather was fab and it was great getting medals and hugs from the Sandhurst Joggers at the finish”

Lisa is running the 3 Forts Marathon next weekend so we’ll hear more from her soon…

vlm Lisa

Katie Herrington – 4:24:40

Leon Hicks – 4:58:13 – “the best part of the race was helping others on the course, I came across a young man just after half way crying and saying he couldn’t go on and couldn’t do it, so I managed to get him moving again and walked with him and reassured him that he could so after half a mile he seemed fine. I really hope he finished.”

Click here to read Leon’s full report

Leon vlm

Jackie Kent – 4:14:24 – ”

Click here to read Jackie’s full report

vlm Jackie

Sabrina Khan – 5:43:01- “I felt really grateful to be able to run the best Marathon in the world in the London that I love”

Click here to read Sabrina’s full report

Sabrina vlm finish

John King – 4:18:08 – “This was my third London and wanted to improve on previous experiences, which I can safely say I did. I could be the only person on here that can also say that I enjoyed the final mile the most! I just seemed to get a second wind from somewhere and finished really strongly whereas in previous years I would have been dead on my feet, with cramped up calf muscles. A real surprise to me.”

Click here to read John’s full report

John King Smithy vlm

Chris Lambourne – 4:06:03 – “I loved the atmosphere- first time running the VLM- crowd were amazing!”

Tracy Buck & Chris Lambourne vlm

Lynsey Lightfoot – 4:51:47

Trish Monks – 3:38:17 – “The last km was amazing – the crowds, the countdown (600m has never felt so far!!), the finishing straight…”

Click here to read Trish’s full report

Trish at vlm hug

Kate Parker – 4:50:35 – “I literally loved the whole thing, didn’t hit the wall once! But if I had to pick something it would be the last 200m – as anyone at this months Handicap would know, I seem to have a ‘homing beacon’ and a massive surge of energy comes out of nowhere – so managed a sprint finish from the 200m mark!”

Click here to read Kate’s full report

Kate Parker at vlm

Charlotte Parmenter – 4:27:33

Charlie Porterfield – 4:44:29

Christine Rivers – 4:12:25 – “Running VMLM 2017 was very special as it was in memory of a friend Trev Coombs who committed suicide in 2016 and left behind a wonderful wife and two little gorgeous boys, it is motivating to run for others and it is fantastic to see all the SJs in the finish area – thank you.”

Click here to read Christine’s report

SJs at vlm start

Tracy Robinson – 4:36:25 – “What a great experience! I actually quite enjoyed it!!”

Click here to read Tracy’s full report

Tracy Robinson at vlm finish

Zerrin Selen – 6:09:47

Zerrin at vlm finish

Kathyrn Shaw – 3:28:03 – “It was an amazing day and I managed a pb time of 3.28:03. The crowds really pushed me on especially the in the last 3 miles where I felt broken”

Kathyrn Shaw at vlm finish

Charles St Aubyn – 3:33:50 – “8mm is not a hard as I thought it would be, but that last 7 miles is still really tough”

Click here to read Charles’ full report

CSA at vlm finish

Caroline Stuart – 4:09:55

Phil Turner – 3:46:25

Vicky Tzanetis – 7:30:03

Patrick Wadsworth – 3:47:57 – “A tough but rewarding weekend. It was going to be hard and lived up to expectations!”

Click here to read Patrick’s full report

Fox - patrick

Ian Watson – 4:46:02 – “All you can totally rely on is surprises”

Click here to read Ian’s full report

Ian vlm

Lucy Zirbser – 4:23:52 – “I ran round with my superstar friend Sam Scott who sacrificed any chance of a PB to keep me company. Being lucky enough to get my medal presented by Prince William at the end of the race was the icing on the cake of a super, super day.”

Click here to read more about Lucy’s day

Lucy Zirbser vlm




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