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Run Frimley 10k – Phil Guy reports

After meeting up with familiar faces and wishing every one good luck it was off to the start line for my second Frimley 10k, for what seemed a Brighton reunion with Erol & Jim (check his shorts from photos).  How much cooler it felt today than the mid 20’s for the Brighton marathon!  To the start, last year I managed to fall after bumping into someone’s knee, only to stop and then get knocked behind, very similar and scary as being in a mosh pit at a Metallica concert.  2017 started well; no falls and a fast pace, I was hoping to break 40 minutes for the first time.

For those who have not run Frimley 10k it is hilly to say the least.  Going slightly up hill for the first 2k’s at a good pace the dreaded Crawley Ridge was next to tackle, the course teases the runners by taking us through the housing estate before going up the hill via the estate rather than the Main road. Getting to the top is a great feeling as its downhill hooray(!) and a bit of acceleration I got to 5k in just under 20mins, target on.

The hardest part of the course is just after the 5k, after water intake, its uphill much more sneaky than Crawley Ridge, this is more painful as energy is getting sapped, the next 2k’s were up / down / flat running until we re-entered Park Road, where the best steward (all were great) was counting positions – number 27 for me, pretty good (although he seemed to count to 35 pretty quickly), top 30 would be good.  I felt strong going ‘down’ Park Road waved to my daughter, I was ready for the Frimley Road and final 2k, my sub 40 was looking unlikely as I had to run 7:30 for the 2, but still in with a shout.  The difference this year was I was running in a group, which made us all go faster for the last 2K. The 9K was greeted to the loudest loud speaker ever with the ‘DJ’ saying only ½k to go before I get there, to just over ½ when I went past him.  For the record when I walked past in on the way home he was shouting last 1K!

Knowing the course is slightly shorter on the garmin and feeling good, I cranked it up a notch and overtook quite a few people, I possibly went too early and was starting to slow in the final straight, but kept going and got to the line in 40:15 my personal best and 18 seconds quicker than last year.  Refreshments a welcome sight, I saw a few of the other joggers and a few other club members including Andrew Salter of Windle who was presented winning the over 60’s competition at the same time I spoke to him which was brilliant moment.

Onto the next one to finally crack 40 minutes, some well flatter I hope (not Yateley).


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