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The Woodland Woggle – Jim Casey reports back from one of his favourite events…

On a sunny Sunday morning, I headed over to run a nice local 10k trail race in the Hampton Estate in Farnham. Having taken part in the race for the last two year this has become a firm favourite in my racing calendar not only for been a lovely run but there is cakes and bacon sandwiches at the end.

Jim Woggle 1

Blackwater valley runners with the help of Farnham scout group host the race hens the name woggle. There is the 10k and 6k trail race and a family walk. The race has a very relaxed feel to it so it is great if you are new to trail running but there is some hills! The big plus point is the last 2km is all downhill running in a blue bell wood.

Jim Woggle 2

The race starts 300 meters way from the Hampton house and as you run past the family wave and cheer as you pass there front door. Then the split  for the 6k  turn off just past the house  the 10k head off to do a small loop but hilly with some nice single track descents. Then a steady ascent with some kissing gates to grab so rest then back in to the woods where you start to see some blue bells and you start caching some of the family walkers. Then cross the road for a nice long easy down hill section with the walks giving you lots of support. With the last uphill section on single track, you see the 8k maker downhill to the finish line and 9k you have the last road crossing. This was been marshalled by my boss and his wife giving me a big shout out go Jim go! With 50 meters to go you, come out of the woods to see the welcome site of the finish line. The scouts give you your well-eared medal a cup of sweets and some water.

Jim Woggle 3

With an easy jog, back to the car to get changed get some money then back to the finish for that bacon sandwich and a cup tea and to cheer in the other runners. Sadly, I was the only Sandhurst there this year hopefully next year we will have some more from the club there to enjoy the fun


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