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Pure Beginner to Half Marathon in a year – Jacqueline Hudson tells of her journey to the finish line of the Windsor Trail Half Marathon

After returning to full time work from two back to back maternity leaves, I was looking for a way to get fit and lose the baby weight that was cheaper than a gym membership and could also fit around my life as a busy working mum. I found Pure Beginners completely by chance on a local community fb page, I figured what do I have to lose and signed up!

Jacq half - group

At the beginning I really struggled, having never run before, I couldn’t even run for 15 seconds! I was out of breath, but the leaders and sweepers were so supportive I carried on! By the end of the course I was able to run 5k and from there my passion for running just grew!

Jacq half - run for choc

I set myself a target to try and achieve a medal a month from racing and so convinced the other Pure Beginners to complete a 10k with me, which we ran in February this year. After completing 10k my confidence grew and I decided I would like a new challenge, so signed up to the Royal Windsor Half Marathon Trail Race on May 21st. I had brilliant support from my fellow PB’s, who helped me complete my training and accompanied me on all of my runs.

Jacq half mara map

The half marathon was hard, it was a very hot sunny day and having completed my training mostly on roads, it was a very different terrain to what I was used to. The toughest part was running on my own, with no music, normally I would have a chat with my running buddies, I had to search within to keep going, but I thought of my fellow Pure Beginners and family waiting at the finish line.

Jacq half and friends

I currently run with Sandhurst Joggers at least once a week, and even turned my hand to leading the slow group on a Tuesday night. From there I decided to set up an intervals group on Thursdays evenings that mixes running and compound exercises to really strengthen and improve our running. I’m looking forward to signing up to more half marathons and one day complete a marathon! In less than a year I have been able to go from pure beginner to running a half marathon, even when your juggling a young family and work, it is achievable!

Windsor trail half - Jacq


One comment on “Pure Beginner to Half Marathon in a year – Jacqueline Hudson tells of her journey to the finish line of the Windsor Trail Half Marathon

  1. Impressive and inspirational


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