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Meet the member – Nigel Evans

Remember that romantic tale of heroism from the London Marathon as Nigel Evans battled through 25 miles with a bad back to reach his partner Liz, lift her over the barriers and propose as Orinocco the Wobble ran past… well he’s back and the engagement seems to be going well as he celebrated two Parkrun milestones last weekend; his 100th Parkrun and fiance Liz’s 1st. Let’s find out more about him…

Q) For members who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself

A) I am 52 years old , I have 3 children ranging from 12 to 22 as I like to spread my pain. I am a Senior Manager for a Japanese Electronics Company based in Weybridge- I have worked for them for 35 years having joined straight from school in 1982 when Beat Surrender by The Jam was No 1. I am currently in year 12 of my mid-life crisis.

Q) How and when did you get into running?

A) Football was my main sport when I was growing up playing for the school as well as a private club, I also played badminton and Squash regularly in a league. I then moved onto Martial Arts and did Karate and Kendo for a number of years , of course running was a big part of me keeping fit for these sports. My first running event was the Camberley ½ Marathon in 1999 so I suppose that was when running became more of a focus for me. More recently  I have enjoyed doing Triathlons and I completed my 100th Park run on June 3rd which I ran with Liz who did her 1st (I think she finally realised that resistance was futile and if you can’t beat them join them ).


Q) What do you enjoy most about being a member of Sandhurst Joggers?

A) I can only echo what everyone else says about the club and that is we have the most brilliant ,supportive runners in Sandhurst Joggers and its great knowing that whatever event you enter the chances are you will see an SJ there. The choice of weekly runs is also great no matter what level you are at.

Q) On which of the weekly runs are we most likely to bump into you?

A) Unfortunately it’s been difficult for me to attend many club runs recently but I am hoping that will soon change but when I did run regularly I loved the Monday and Wednesday runs with track on a Friday.

Q) I see you have mainly kept it local with Parkruns, out of the 3 local venues you’ve ran at which is your favourite and why ?

A) My first ever Park Run was at Frimley lodge but I have also ran at Bracknell and Rushmoor.

My PB of 21.35 is actually at Bracknell.

I think my favourite is Rushmoor because there is plenty of parking and the course is flat with lots of room for the first 3/4km which is good if its busy.

Nigel 100 parkruns

Q) You have travelled further afield with Parkrun tourism at Tamar Lakes-what was that event like?

A) This was on the first day of our family holiday and I think Liz uttered the word “seriously ?” when I said I wanted to do it. The course runs round the lake which was lovely even though it was pouring down with rain. Most of the people running seemed to be tourists. I do remember there being a nice café there and we had a bacon roll and a coffee after.

Q) What other events are on your programme for 2017?

A) Yateley 10k races 2&3, The British 10k, Hampshire Hoppit ½ Marathon, Pilgrim ½ Marathon, Windsor ½ Marathon, Basingstoke ½ Marathon, Wellesley 10k, 3x Brutal 10k’s, The Hellrunner, The Grim, Mo Run and the Muddy Welly and maybe a Sportive if I can fit it in – hope to see some of you there!


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