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Polesden Lacey 10K – with love for running re-ignited John King reports from this new event…

I was alerted to this run by somebody on FaceBook.  They said that if nobody was doing much, they should pop along to Polesden Lacey for a 10K run!..  Looking on their website, it was billed as:

Polesdon Lacey 10k summary

Organised by the National Trust, having never been there before I thought it would be a lovely run with beautiful scenery, which it was… plus some hills…

I managed to find the venue OK, it is a way past Guildford, A246 heading towards Effingham then into Great Bookham and is easy to find from there, following the National Trust signs to the carpark.  The start is at the rear of the parking areas, past the ‘Disabled and Motor Cycle’ parking sign.  I was on my motorbike, so parked it there…

There were around about 50 or so runners, all ready for the off and so, after signing a sheet of paper handed around to us on a clip board it was soon 9am and with a casual ‘it’s nine o’clock now so shall we start?’ we were off!..  Down the first descent of the day, through and under a lovely arch and bridge, we were soon off-road and up and down the North Downs hills.  My goodness they were lung burning.  The surface was mainly stony and could have been muddy after rain, but was dry today.  My choice of off-road shoes was a good one, even just for the protection from stones and flint, but also for grip on the pretty technical stuff both downhill and up!  Family run may be pushing it but for serious club runners, it is a real test of one’s mettle.  Also this is self-navigating!

PL 10k Relive

There were little, pink signs along the route which are also permanent, so the course can be followed at any time!

We only went wrong once, but luckily somebody shouted from behind us to backtrack a short way, then we could see a little sign on a post, so you had to keep your wits about you or suffer a similar fate to us…

I would seriously think about doing it again and, as you can see from the chart above, it is on every month and is FREE!..  This would be an awesome Cross Country run, so will see what it is like in the rainy season.

All in all it was worth the travel and may do it again, but could do with some more hill-training before next time!  Tough but rewarding and strange to have no number, medal or even a time!



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