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Sandhurst Joggers 30th Anniversary Round Bracknell Relay

What is it?

Based on the Ramblers Route round Bracknell, this will be a 4 leg relay race. With the total mileage being about 30 miles – one for every year we have been a club.

When is it?

Sunday 17 September 2017

Look out

Where does it Start/Finish?

The Start/Finish will be at the Lookout.

What are the Leg distances?

They vary between 5.5 and 8.5 miles

The legs are:

LookOut to Wildmoor Heath – 8.5 miles

Wildmoor Heath to Easthampstead Path /Jeallotts Park – 5.5 miles

Easthampstead Park to Warfield Church – 8 miles

Warfield Church to LookOut – 8 miles


Will it be signed and marshalled?

Not by us but there are Rambler Route markers for most of the route. The leaflet (https://descubriendouk.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/bracknell-forest-ramblers-route.pdf) describes most of the route although Stage 1 will use some of the route before crossing to Kings Ride in Camberley (well known to Thursday Night runners) before heading to Wildmoor Heath car park to make up the distance.  All the route is not difficult to follow and there may be GPX tracks to download.  You will be responsible for finding your way.

Will it be timed?

We expect each person will be running with a running watch so to make things easier we will trust each of you to time yourselves.  We will collect times at the end and work out the winners

Each stage will start at a set time so that people can run some or all of the leg together.  Although it is timed we want as many people as possible to be involved.  Only one team can come first and one can come last, the rest will come somewhere in between.  The achievement is the same for all.

Direction sign

This sounds great.  How do I enter?

There are two ways:

  • get together with some mates and arrange a team yourself and let me know who is in your team and which legs they are running
  • contact me (generalmon@sandhurstjoggers.org.uk) and I’ll arrange teams.

Also contact me if you would like to help out.

How do I get to/from the start/finish of my leg?

Talk to others running your leg or your team and see if you can sort something out.  Even the furthest legs are only a few miles from the LookOut if you take a direct route through Bracknell so maybe a gentle warmup/cool down!

I don’t fancy running, but would like to be involved.

We hope that those who don’t fancy running it will volunteer and we can have some support out at the start and finish of each leg and out on the course.

Can I run the whole thing as an Ultra?

Why not J  You will have to accept that we may not be able to provide any support for the later stages.

I have a question?

Contact me at generalmon@sandhurstjoggers.org.uk

Patrick Wadsworth
General Member – Monday
Sandhurst Joggers

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