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Bacchus Marathon – Alison Jones reports back from the Denbies Wine Estate

I entered this as a bit of a “novelty” Marathon, having ran the Medoc in France I thought it would be a good prep race for Lisbon in October.
As it got nearer the time and I mentioned I was running this, more and more people told me how hilly it was and it was mostly off road! The things I hate most in running are hills, off road (sorry Dick) and running in fancy dress, which caused me to question my entering this race in the first place, but there I was early on a Sunday morning dressed as a “Jock”, running up hills and off road. It felt like Glencoe revisited, although this time it was centurions, Greek Gods and Superheroes complaining that some mad Scotswoman was passing them.
Alison Jones Bacchus marathon kilt
The race is 2 laps and on the second lap you meet the slower 1/2 marathon crowd, who are taking their time, so it can get a bit congested. At mile 18 the heavens opened so not only was I mad Scotswoman, I was a wet one, weighed down by a wet kilt!
I was delighted to see Jim Laidlaw on the first circuit and looked forward to seeing him again on the second, because after that I would be nearly done (no offence Jim). However unbeknown to Jim I nearly took a nosedive into a really muddy bog just before I got to his marshal point, so was glad I managed to stay upright.
Alison Jones Bacchus marathon medal
My watch packed in somewhere around 18 miles so I had no idea what time I had run and would have been happy with +4.30 hours but with a sprint finish and my kilt billowing behind me I managed a 4.12 and came 2nd in my age group. I must have been the only runner there who did not imbibe in the wine as I was driving. So if you fancy doing this one arrange a lift.

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