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Leon’s Quest continues and takes him to Scotland for the Loch Ness Marathon

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What a weekend I’ve had, traveling up to Loch Ness for the best marathon I have done, this being my 4th time. Left home at 8pm for the little four and a bit hour drive to Manchester where I stayed at a friends house arriving just after midnight. Then up at 6am and back in the car for the next eight hours of the trip with a couple of stops for refueling.
We picked up our race numbers from the expo and back in the car for the twenty minutes to the hotel. Time to relax and grab a beer and an early dinner. Got up at 5.30am to get ready to catch the bus to the start. The buses leave at 7.30 and take about one and a half hours to reach the start. First job is joining the toilet queues which are long. To say it was windy and wet in the highlands is an understatement but I was prepared for a change I even had spare clothes for a girl in just shorts and vest so she was happy.
The race starts on time at 10am where the weather decided to be really great running conditions, so off I trot for the three mile down hill race before it starts to undulate for the remaining race. I had a great race getting the best time I’ve had in over a year.
Then comes the 10 hour drive home which seems to feel like 24 as the rain came down and driving through the clouds as we left. Managed to get home for 2am with the alarm going off at 5am for work. Can’t say it’s the easiest way to do a marathon but I do like keeping it interesting. Yes, I will be doing next year as it’s still the best.


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