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Julian Farrell Camberley 10k – Harvey Young reports back

Having done the three Yateley 10ks earlier in the year I felt I should enter a few more races this year and having had so much encouragement from my fellow club members I decided Camberley would be next. I must admit I was nervous on Sunday morning and having heard about Crawley hill that didn’t help.
On arrival I met up with several other SJs and much to their amusement I seemed to spend more time making sure my number was straight than time it took to run the race!!
Chatting over I headed to the start and when the gun went off my mind turned to getting into run mode, so head down and settling into my pace such as it is. The race started slowly until we reached the Frimley road and I began to really get breathing and cadence to my liking and once on the Portsmouth road I was nice and steady and starting to catch and pass other runners.
Harvey Camberley 10k strava
When I reached Crawley hill I was so surprised as I continued to pass people but this created a nice confidence boost and once at the top I knew it was all down hill. I actually started to pick up the pace (made easier when it’s down hill but I’ll take that!) spurred on as two younger female runners were on my shoulder all the way and my stubborness decided I was keeping my place. This cat and mouse carried on until the final 400 metres where I was worn down and they passed me. However the boost I needed came in the shape of other Sandhurst Joggers members offering encouragement and Dave Bartlett shouting at me at which point I found energy from somewhere to sprint the final 200 and overtake my fellow runners and collect my prize of a banana, water and bling.
Harvey Camberley 10k medal
I did tell the young lad who was cutting off the tag from shoe I’d return in a minute as I was going to die in a corner from my final burst of effort, but I didn’t. I was so pleased with my performance, a personal best of 58:24! The camaraderie and help I’ve received  from club members always amazes me and a big thank you to anyone who’s given it over the past eighteen months. With the XC season upon us and Fleet 10k at the end of the month more running is in the pipeline.

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