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Julian Farrell Camberley 10k – Jane Bannister reports on her race

I have only ever entered the Yateley 10Km series but now that I am on the Race Committee I needed to find another 10km race if I wanted to enter the Club Championships at the end of year.  So, having seen all the Facebook posts it appeared there would be plenty of other SJ’s at this event  I decided now was the time to enter a new race.

On the Sunday I picked up Dave Bartlett on route and we parked nearby, it was a short walk to the school and we arrived in plenty of time.  Picked up our numbers straight away and then headed towards the school gym to drop off our baggage.    Lots of others SJ’s turned up so we had a good old chat about the course and there was a lot of talk about the hill but I was reliably informed, once I got to 7km it was all downhill.

We gathered outside where I met some more SJ’s old and new – Janet Ford and I managed to get a quick catch up on past events, and our newest member Philip on his first event.  We will be seeing more of him at our up and coming Cross Country events!  A few more words and plenty of encouragement and then we were off.

It was quite congested at the beginning and we made our way out towards Frimley Park Hospital and then up along the Portsmouth Road which seemed a bit of a drag but I saw James Radcliffe taking photos, so did manage a quick smile and tried to look like I was enjoying this part of the race.

jane camberley 10k hill

I then made the long slow trudge up (I did try to keep my pace up) towards Crawley Hill and although it was tough I managed to keep on going feeling all together not too bad.  True to word I hit the 7km sign post at the top of the hill and thereafter it was downhill all the way.

I tried to keep the pace up and then I saw Sophie and before I knew it we were heading towards the final few hundred meters  – and plenty of shout outs from other SJ’s and I dug deep but Sophie managed to catch up me up and beat me across the finish line and I crossed just behind her.

jane camberley 10k

No PB this time but not far off.  I didn’t know really what to expect so overall I was really pleased with how I ran.  Its a nice local event, easy to get to and a great course.  One for the calendar for next year.

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