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Wellesley Rushmoor 10k – Gareth Hopkins reports on his 1st 10k

So here it goes…my first run report.  Apologies if I waffle on a bit.  I was excited/nervous about my first 10k run as I have only been running since the beginning of May, but I was also looking forward to pushing myself.  Running with the Tuesday Night Run Group has been a fantastic way in helping me extend my distance running so this would be my first “proper” test.

Everything felt a bit more real when I picked up my number and T-shirt on the Wednesday before the race and even more so on the morning of the event. I have to admit I found this a hard but enjoyable run. Something I have learnt from starting running is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a hardened runner or a pure beginner, you are all there for the fun of it as well as pushing yourself.

Rushmoor 10k start

With that in mind when passing my first 1k, perhaps having Lust for Life by Iggy Pop in my running playlist wasn’t perhaps the wisest choice. Starting off as if I were Ewan McGregor running down the streets of Edinburgh (a la Trainspotting) maybe I pushed myself a little too much straight away. I carried this on down the canal path and when passing 2k thinking that if had entered the fun run I would be finishing now and tucking into the samosas that were at the finish line.

I was thoroughly enjoying the run, as I prefer off road running, and loved the fact that this course offered so many different terrains.  I was running quite happily up until the 5k mark when I seemed to hit a wall.  Something didn’t feel right with me and my paced certainly dropped. I couldn’t put my finger one what was causing it, my legs hurt and my breathing went all over the shop. My other half caught me up soon after and was a superstar. She really helped me round and get control of my breathing. Soon after the 5k, the water station was a blessing, especially the jelly babies that were on offer. The rest of the course was a struggle but with my partner’s help I found my pace and things became easier, although I do believe that the gap between 8k and 9k was secretly a lot longer (well that is what I am telling myself!). Seeing the finish line come into view was a sight for sore eyes and I couldn’t help but go for a sprint finish.  It certainly did feel good to cross the line.

Rushmoor 10k 9km

Stupidly I was annoyed with myself for struggling, but in hindsight I did set off too fast, so it was my own fault.  Looking back when I received my time of 1hr 08min I realised I am happy with the run as less than six months ago I couldn’t even run for a minute let alone 1k.  This race was a perfect course for a 10k introduction and I am looking forward to running a lot more and pushing myself more, although ensuring I find my pace early on. I am also looking forward to running more and more with the Sandhurst Joggers and getting to know everyone more.  Next step…get a top so that I can be recognised as a fellow Sandhurst Jogger at events.



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