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Fleet 10k – Kirsty Kent tells of her first race as a SJ

After my first interval training session with Sandhurst Joggers I was given the idea about running the Fleet 10k. Jenny Robinson mentioned that it was her PB course and I have been wanting to beat my Frimley 10k time for a few months so I thought this was the perfect opportunity. After going home and signing myself up I thought I should probably get some training in….! Juggling hockey training/matches, work commitments and fitness sessions proved quite difficult so Sunday mornings are my ‘go to’ days of longer runs.
I arrived fairly confident but very nervous about the race. There were lots of people in and around the race HQ and this made me even more nervous! I’m a very competitive person so there was no way that I wasn’t going to run faster than 42:33. I got myself to the start line and tried to get near the front so that I didn’t have to try and work my way through lots of people, this tactic worked well for me and the pack seemed to disperse pretty quickly. It was fairly windy but the sun was out, what more could you ask for a race day!

The first 1k seemed to go pretty quickly and I was happy with my pace through 2k. I settled into a fairly good pace through the undulating parts of 3 and 4K and then coming up to 5k I saw the hill ahead and this made my legs want to slow down, I pushed through and tried to get up the hill as quickly as possible as then I knew I was over half way, I clocked 20.46 going through the 5k marker so I knew I just had to keep the same pace to get me to a new pb!

The marker for 6k seemed to take a bit longer to arrive and so I knew I needed to kick a bit to maintain the same pace as before as I didn’t want to slow too much. 7 and 8k markers came and went and I felt good. With 2k to go I tried to kick on as I was getting closer to the 42 minutes based on my pacing. I got through to 9k and all I knew is that I needed to get up one last hill and I was done- however the hill was worse than I expected, we turned left and the incline seemed too steep, I put my head down and tried to sprint to the finish, the 400 and 200m to go marks seemed forever apart. I gave everything in the last 200 to get across the finish line and I was really disappointed when I saw 42.02 on my watch, I had nearly done it!

Kirsty Fleet 10k

Everything about the day was very well planned and it all ran smoothly! The crowds were brilliant and very motivating and it was great to see so many runners of all abilities lining up at the start. The best thing about the day is that when I found out my actual result being 42 minutes dead, I reached my target and set a new PB! I will definitely be taking part in this race again!

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