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Milocarians XC – the hill too far…

It was a beautiful sunny day for the annual Milocarians X-country event last Saturday hosted within the wonderful setting of the Sandhurst Military academy.
We were honoured to have been invited to compete alongside a select group of other clubs against the Milocarians Club.
An enthusiastic 20 plus group of SJs turned out on the day, keen to give a good account of ourselves and get some sneaky x-country training in!
Alongside the amateur clubs running were what seemed like hoards of teams of slightly less enthusiastic young army recruits – no pressure then…..
As the horn blew for the start we headed off across the main playing fields and then looped towards Barosa, the first mile or so lulling us all into a false sense of security before the hills hit. Ah the hills….
Having run the race two years ago I remembered them being tough and had psyched myself up for them, but hadn’t banked on them changing the course every year!  Ahhh
Despite what felt like 2 miles of going up, I was feeling fairly strong and found myself passing a few cadets – a boost for anyone old enough to be their Mum!
Helen Antram was running a great race and I have her to thank for pulling me along and giving me something to focus on. A big thanks Helen for getting me up that last hill and for putting up with my Darth Vader breathing – sorry.
Helen and I kept our positions and cheered on by fellow SJs, including Jen and Graham Robinson (who’d come in 3rd male) and Jane Crawford, finished in 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
As a team we finished 3rd team overall which we should be incredibly proud of and certainly showed those bright young things how x-country running is done.
We celebrated with fabulous sandwiches, cake and tea.. yummy.
A great event which I’d highly recommend to our members of all abilities.

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