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Stuart Overhill reviews the Regis 10

Let me take you back to September 15th, I had just completed the Reigate Half Marathon and returned to my car, to find my windscreen plastered in flyers for other running events. Within this I noticed the Regis 10, which was a brand new closed roads event in Bognor Regis on November 5th. I thought this looks good and spoke to Chris Szabo-Hemmings and we both agreed to give it a go.

Chris managed to enter the race twice and after some emails and super quick responses from the race director I was also entered! Fast forward to the week before the race and our numbers had arrived with the chip built in, so far so good.

Regis 10

The day of the race arrives and Chris, late as normal picked me up at 6:40 and we made our way to Bognor, we arrived and parked two streets away by 7:50, about 40 minutes before the start, enough time for the normal pre-race ritual of queue, toilet, queue, toilet, repeat.

The assembly area was in Bognor Regis Town football Ground and the toilets were plentiful, baggage drop was easy and there was ample room to warm up.

The start was a low key affair, there was no pre-race briefing, no countdown, just a Claxton signalling the start of the race and we were out onto the roads of Bognor.

Upon leaving the football ground we turned left for 100 metres and turned 180 degrees around a cone and headed towards the sea front and turned left towards Aldwick. At another turn around point I saw Chris and we exchanged grunts. The course then headed back into the centre of Bognor along the promenade and towards Butlins, from this we headed away from the sea towards Hotham Park, which hosts the local parkrun. From there we head into the town centre and on towards Felpham.

We then turned left by a local café and took in the smell of bacon sandwiches and we were back onto the promenade which we followed for a mile and then at the next turn around point, we had three miles to the finish and straight into a headwind which felt like a gale! This reminded me of the last 4 miles of Portsmouth Marathon.

Chris and I saw each other and grunted pleasantries and after two miles on the promenade we turned left for the last mile back towards the Football ground, the finish line, medal and the warmth of the Football Ground Club house, which was serving coffees, Tea but no alcohol, which was a shame as I fancied a pint! I finished in 72.11 and Chris finished in just over 81 minutes.


The race does have room for improvement, especially around the results as there appears to be some issues, no clock at the finish line, a low key start and I spent most of the race on my own, which was tough.

The positives were very helpful and friendly marshals who had to put up with irate Car Drivers, 3 water stations, good signage, accurate mile markers and closed roads for £20! Would I go back, maybe, would I recommend it, yes I would!




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