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Meet the Member – Lisa Hale completes 200 Parkruns

Ultras, Marathons, Halfs, 10ks… every weekend there is a report from Lisa Hale on her latest event. She’s ran a few Parkruns too… 200 in fact! Let’s find out a bit more about her…

Q) For members who don’t know you, tell us a bit about yourself?

A) I’m 38 and work for a company who manufacture prosthetic limbs and wheelchairs.  I’m also a slow swimmer and an occasional cyclist!  My partner (Stuart Overhill) and I have a variety of unusual pets, those of you who know me will know that our Waterdragon Terry is far more interesting than me!

terry the waterdragon

Q) How and when did you get into running?

A) I started running in 2004 after joining a gym to try and keep myself out of the pub and stop smoking!  My mum worked for a charity at the time and dared me to enter their Windsor ½ marathon team, and knowing that she would never expect me to say yes, I of course had to prove her wrong!  I loved the training, and with support from (another!) local running club I was hooked.

Q) What do you enjoy most about being a member of Sandhurst Joggers?

A) I enjoy the fact that there is something for everyone, and although I don’t get to a lot of the sessions, it’s nice to know that there is something on almost every day if you fancy it.  I really enjoy the team relays like Endure and the Runnymede events.  Everyone is very friendly and supportive and you’ll usually have someone to chat to on the startline at most events!

Lisa Hale at YRR

Q) On which of the weekly runs are we most likely to bump into you?

A) I enjoy the Wednesday and Thursday runs (although I don’t always get to them!) and I’m a fairweather Lookout runner, so you’ll see me when the mud dries out!

Q) I see you’ve run at a lot of different Parkrun venues, while Frimley and Rushmoor account for over 100 of your runs you’ve spread the rest across over 50 different venues. Which is your favourite and why?

A) After I completed my 100th marathon, I wanted to find another challenge, and while I didn’t stop the marathons, I set myself a target of visiting 50 (or more!) different parkruns by the end of 2017.  I enjoy the 5k distance, despite not being that good at it!  I’ve visited lots of different locations in my travels, and met some nice people along the way.  Locally I enjoy Homewood (in the summer when it’s not muddy!) and Bedfont Lakes, but overall Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire is beautiful, while Moors Valley down the other end near Bournemouth is a lovely course.  (Portsmouth Lakeside has the closest proximity to a Starbucks…which is important!)

Lisa Hale Parkrun Tshirt collection

Q) What other events are on your programme for 2018?

A) My next event is Farnborough ½, followed by Portsmouth Coastal ½.  I’ll keep on parkrunning, marathoning (London and Brighton to start….) and am hoping to get an ultra or 2 in somewhere.  I’m joining the club team at Endure, and I’d love to do a 50 miler if I can find one where I won’t get lost!

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