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20th/21st January – SJ Weekend Run Down

The shortest day is a fading memory, the sky isn’t completely black at 5pm as the ‘official’ working day ends… summer is on the way. Or maybe not as winter hit back with a vengeance this weekend with rain, sleet and snow. Hardly ideal running conditions but lots of members were in action in a multitude of events over the weekend.

Starting with Frimley Lodge Parkrun seven members braved a mudfest with Sacha Kendall-Woods leading the Sandhurst Joggers home in 24:49.

Parkrun FL Jan 20

Just a committed trio of SJs at Rushmoor this week and even the well draining Queens Parade course felt the impact of the relentless rain. Lisa Hale led the trio home in 22:25.

Parkrun Rushmoor Jan 20

This week Bracknell Parkrun proved to be the most popular amongst members with eight tackling the Great Hollands course which held up surprisingly well to the wet weather with a few tweaks to the finish shute. A few members were refining their pacing ready for next week’s event where the club will be providing pacers from 22 to 44 minutes. If you are not sure where to run on Saturday please show up at Great Hollands Recreation Ground, South Road, Bracknell, Berks, RG40 3EE ready for a 9am start. It will be brilliant to show what a fantastic and supportive club we are!

Parkrun Bracknell Jan 20

Onto this week’s tourism. Close to home Kate Parker made her maiden visit to Woodley and Sharon Burfield ran at Reading (although it was relocated to Dinton Pastures). A little further afield Stuart Overhill squelched around Bedfont Lakes while both Dave Ayling and Alurie Dutton made the trip down the A303 to Andover. Further away than those but not hitting the tropical climates just yet we had Will Lucas at Seaton and Yvette Glacken at Luton Wardown.

If you haven’t already you can add ‘Sandhurst Joggers’ to your Parkrun profile and this helps us track your achievements as well as logging club members’ participation in Parkrun all around the world each week. Here’s a quick ‘step by step’ guide to doing this…

Step 1 – Find a ‘results’ email from Parkrun which you will normally receive within hours of completing a Parkrun on a Saturday morning (the News and other promotional emails from Parkrun don’t contain the links to make this easy), then scroll down and click on ‘edit’ (see below):-

Parkrun profile step 1

Step 2 – You’ll see all the details you provided when you first registered with Parkrun and printed your barcode. Scroll down to the ‘Running club (Optional)’ box and click on the black arrow to reveal all the options. Scroll down until you can select ‘Sandhurst Joggers’ from the options. Update any other details while you are here including ‘Home Run’ if this has changed or you have recently moved to the area (See below):-

Parkrun profile step 2

Step 3 – Click the ‘Please Alter’ button to confirm the changes you have made (see below):-

Parkrun profile step 3

Sleet and snow greeted runners at the second edition of the Farnborough Half Marathon starting under the famous Air Ship hangar in Farnborough Business Park but the harsh conditions didn’t deter forty-one members and certainly didn’t slow many of them down with some standout performances, high placings and PBs. Missed off the listing below are Gavin Loader who produced a 1:25 and Neil Praine who ran sub 1:30. The full list of members’ results are below:-

Farnborough Half SJ results

Farn Half medal.jpg

Tadley Runners hosted the latest round of the Thames Valley Cross Country League and guess what runners faced… MUD. And then some more mud. Huge kudos to all who ran and given the conditions plus the Farnborough Half running simultaneously the club did well to field as many runners as it did. Full results to follow as soon as they are available.

Richard Boese tackled the Winter Tanners event on a waterlogged course around the Surrey Hills. He sensibly downgraded to the thirty mile event due to the conditions! Come on Richard… ONLY 30 miles!

More record breaking with Strava this week as ninety-one members logged runs. To take part in this just create a free Strava account and link it to the club in your profile. Here’s the top 10 from last week:-

Strava Leaderboard Jan 21st.JPG

Please let me know if I’ve missed anything and share your results and achievements in the future so the rest of the club know what you are up to.

As always keep a look out on Facebook for details of the weekday evening runs.

Monday: Paul Biggs will be standing in for Patrick on the Monday night chatfest leaving Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and covering approx. 6 miles. This is one of the most sociable runs of the week and a great opportunity to catch up with friends or discuss the preceding weekend.

Tuesday: Mike, Monica and the other run leaders will be leading multiple groups to cater for all abilities from beginners through to faster and more experienced runners. It’s perfect for novices and those coming back from injury or a long lay-off because you can start with an easy group and work your way upwards. The run starts at Sandhurst Memorial Park this week starting at 6:30pm. Later the interval sessions will meet at The TYTHINGS in Yateley at 8pm.

Wednesday: Andrea Vincent and Sharon Burfield are the General Members for the Wednesday which leaves from Sandhurst Memorial Park at 7pm. The run will cover approx. 5-6 miles over roughly an hour. Runners run at their own pace and loop back as needed. Keep a look out for the new ‘Be Able to run from 5k to 10k’ course starting in April which will run for six weeks in conjunction with the Wednesday night run.

Thursday: This week the threshold/improvers run will be on the the Crawley Ridge route. Meet at Sandhurst Sports Centre at 7:30pm and don’t forget lights and high vis clothing. The run is a great way to improve fitness by running as a group at a slightly harder intensity. There is a shorter route available and a sweeper so nobody gets left behind.

Friday: Track is still free and the coaches have some great sessions planned for all abilities to improve fitness and technique.

Saturday: The club will be providing pacers at Bracknell Parkrun covering times from 22 to 44 minutes. If you are not sure where to run on Saturday please show up at Great Hollands Recreation Ground, South Road, Bracknell, Berks, RG40 3EE ready for a 9am start. It will be brilliant to show what a fantastic and supportive club we are! Remember to wear your club kit so red dominates the field.

Sunday: Anybody not racing can join the crowd running from The Lookout at 9am. It’s a flexible run to suit everybody’s needs and is either adapted to fit with distance targets or multiple groups are formed. The three ‘Cs’ of Coffee, cake and chat are enjoyed in the cafe post-run.



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