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Romsey 5 – Alurie Dutton starts 2018 at the fast five miler

2018 and my sister, Yvette and I are continuing our challenge to run at least one 10k (or about 10k) event each month. Although it seems that we have at least two per month in our sights! The first was last Sunday in Romsey – The Romsey 5 mile (not quite 10k but a good start). We ran it last year and decided as soon as we had finished that it was one to put on the list for this year.

It takes place on the Broadlands Estate, the former home of  Lord Mountbatten, on footpaths and estate road; it is a flat, fast course. We arrived in plenty of time but unlike last year the nearest car park was already full. However, there are plenty more in the town so there was nothing to worry about. When we got to the start we realised why it was busier – there were twice the number of runners this time! Many of them running their first event. There was lots of discussion about the course, which is shaped like a  lollipop, as people around us couldn’t remember on which loop you ran down the stick and up again. Logically it had to be the third and last otherwise there would have been lots of confusion at the turning point! The course is well marked and the mile markers keep you focused although one runner behind me on seeing the 3 mile post said, ‘oh, we have done 3 miles already’ and I had to tell her that the 2 mile marker was just around the corner and that she had a whole loop to do  before she had done the three miles! She wasn’t impressed.

Alurie Romsey 5

After the two loops we turned right to run down the road to the back gate and back up again. Some people don’t like out and back but there were so many friendly encouraging shouts on both sides that the fourth mile was soon over and we were on our way to the finish. With lots of encouragement from spectators and a sprint to the line the Romsey 5 was in the bag. Not quite a PB but I am happy with 11 minute miles finishing in a chip time of 54.58. This a very friendly well organised event which is a good transition from park run to organised events. The medal and tee shirt are worth having too!

Next year, definitely. Next week; The Welwyn 10km.

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