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Wokingham 10k – Gavin Loader provides a great lesson in how to get over a bad race… reflect, share and move on…

I recently toed the line at the Wokingham 10k, organised by Barnes Fitness, and held at Dinton Pastures Country Park. By recent, I’m talking 10-days ago. It’s taken me that long to write up this article, because I can’t honestly think of any personal highlights! I had a real shocker!

So, prepare to be hit with my list of complaints [all about ME]. In fact, I’m going to get those out of the way first, so I can at least end on a positive note about the race in general. My tale of woe [in detail]:   

1.      I am not race fit and I learned this on the day,

2.      I did not get enough sleep,

3.      The clocks changed which I do not like [see above for the reason why],

4.      I had 3 beers too many the evening before. This made points 2 and 3 far worse,

5.      I have a pretty [ = very] painful hamstring [No, I haven’t been to a doctor. Yes, I am ignoring it. Yes, I know this is stupid. Yes, I know it won’t get better on its own],

6.      I stupidly wore road racing trainers off road, and it was MUDDY,

7.      Tip toeing, sliding and shuffling through puddles does not win races,

8.      I ran the first 5k in 19.43 and then messed up the second half to finish in 40:38. My slowest 10k in 2-years,

9.      I went from 4th place at 5k to 9th by the finish,    

10.  Dinton Pastures is one big midge and mosquito love fest at the moment.

 Ta Dah! I do feel better for sharing with you. 

 Wokingham 10k

Here’s all of the amazing stuff about this race. I love Dinton Pastures. It’s close by. Parking is easy. The lake is beautiful.

The course for this race takes runners pretty much around the entire site, so you get to see everything there is to see. Lakes, birds, wildlife, etc. In the summer, at least, the trails are flat, well-made and fast.  

The race is well organised, well-marked out and a well marshalled route. It’s 2-laps, which I know isn’t for everybody, but I quite like coming back through the start line [especially if there is support]. And, I quite liked supporting and helping along the slower runners as we come back through the field. 

It’s a reasonably small event – 160 or so runners – and a complete mix of abilities. I’d say this is really good for an early season race, or to help you get back into racing, or perhaps to serve as one last muddy race before summer arrives! For £18, it was worth it.   

Otherwise, I can tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed a post-race coffee and a cake at the café whilst I thought about how to write up and share my sob story.

 Onwards and upwards to the next race!







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