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Leon The Runner – 100 Marathons

Tomorrow is a big day for Leon Hicks as he completes his century of marathons and joins the 100 Marathon Club. As a preview to the big run tomorrow, Leon has shared a few thoughts:-

As I sit here contemplating my up coming marathon.
I start to think why, why have I put myself through this.
It’s a hard thing to put your finger on but there has to be a reason?
The first thing is I’m a addictive person, if I run I run, if I drink I drink and so on.
Second I joined a running club so it’s your fault too!
Third I started to enjoy the pain and I’ve had some of that.
But the best part of its been the people that I’ve met, some I just run with and have a great time chatting when we meet up. The others I would now call great friends and will do anything for you.
I do feel that what I’ve been doing is nothing inspirational it’s just my hobby but to others it’s helped to get them out doing a little more. I’ve even got my best friend out doing parkrun and maybe entering the London marathon draw.
But if I have learned one thing; it’s believe in yourself – you can do more than you think but whatever you do just enjoy it.
Phoenix Running are organising this special event tomorrow; Leon The Runner and lots of members have already entered and will be joining him to run as little or as much as they wish on the course along the Thames path. Even if you haven’t entered you are welcome to come along to run, spectate and celebrate. The event starts at the Elmbridge Xcel Leisure Centre near Walton on Thames at 9:30am.
Leon the runner gun.jpg
We’ll have more from Leon next week on his 100th and the journey to complete this achievement.

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