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London Marathon 2018 – Consolidated Results and Highlights

Another incredible day at the 2018 London Marathon. We had 24 members running, a huge team marshaling the finish and many more on course offering support. We’ve got a summary of every members’ achievement below, a quote from many on their experience and links to full reports just in case you have missed any…

Collette Callanan: 3:07:00 – Click here to read Collette’s full report

Collette vlm bw

Lisa Hale: 3:25:11 – Click here to read Lisa’s full report

Lisa & Stuart

Sarah Hyatt: 3:39:16 – Click here to read Sarah’s full report

Sarah Hyatt

Stuart Overhill: 3:53:00 – Click here to read Stuart’s full report

Stuart vlm

Paul Biggs: 3:54:20

Paul Biggs.JPG

Tracy Robinson: 4:07:53 – click here to read Tracy’s full report

Tracy porridge.jpg

Sharon Burfield: 4:07:54 – click here to read Sharon’s full report

Sharon Burfield

Alison Jones: 4:24:18 – click here to read Alison’s full report

Alison Jones.JPG

Sacha Kendall-Woods: 4:26:47 – click here to read Sacha’s full report

sacha vlm

Fern Stonestreet: 4:30:59

Elizabeth Crow: 4:42:18

Claire Hobson: 4:56:16 – click here to read Claire’s account

Claire London Eye

Lucy Zirbser: 5:00:40

Eddie Wilson: 5:12:56 – click here to read Eddie’s full report

Eddie Wilson vlm1

Aaron and Julie Fowler: 5:27:24 – click here to read all about Julie and Aaron’s experience

Julie and Aaron vlm

Pam Whelan: 5:35:32

Pam Whelan.jpg

Gloria Long: 5:38:49 – click here to read Gloria’s full report

Gloria finisher

Connor Vine: 5:49:18 – click here to read Connor’s full report

Connor 2

Tina Acock: 6:27:23

Tina vlm2

Emma Lewis: 6:29:08 – click here to read Emma’s full report

Emma Lewis vlm

Lucy Hale: 6:34:59 – click here to read Lucy’s full report

Samantha Goodall: 6:48:00 – click here to read Sam’s full report

Sam vlm3

Debra Harris: 7:01:30 – click here to read Deb’s full report

Deb at finish vlm

Jackie Kent shared her experiences volunteering click here to learn what goes on behind the scenes

Jackie lobster


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