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Edinburgh Marathon Adventure Part 2 – Alison Jones ran her fastest marathon since 2014 but post-race proved to be the real challenge

The Edinburgh Marathon was my first foray into marathon running, so has a lot to answer for, this was in 2012 and I managed to get round in 4.18, so that was my target time to beat.

The route has changed, but not by much most of this marathon is along the coast, so running away from Edinburgh, but at least I did see a piper this year.

I arrived in Glasgow on the Friday to spend time with family and then headed to Edinburgh on Saturday. I had booked an apartment for Sharon Burfield and me not too far from the start and had arranged to meet Wayne for dinner that evening.

Sharon arrived later on Saturday night and we were all set for the race the next day, having arranged to meet Wayne at his hotel, Andrea at the station then Phil at his hotel, which all took place, then who did we meet at the start only Erol so apart from Karen we were all accounted for and in place.

Edinburgh Alison

The weather had been lovely the previous two days but the morning of the race we were frozen in our shorts and SJ vests fortunately we did not have too long to hang around until we were off.

I had not done a lot since Brighton and London so did not know how I would feel and I had been having a few issues with my toenails so had put some anaesthetic cream on them which I hoped would last for the whole race, alas this wore off about 8 miles from the finish, so I had to slow down a bit, maybe without that I might have sneaked in under 4 hours, however I will have to do with my quickest marathon since 2014.

That was the easy bit! I know from previous experience that the finish at Edinburgh can be a bit chaotic and busy so I suggested Sharon meets me at the fence between the two main exits where you can see the finishers coming through.  When I finished I headed over to the baggage collection (we decided to share a bag) to see if it had been collected and it had so I knew Sharon had finished so I went back to my pitch and waited then walked back through the finish pens then thought I would go back to where I was and see if I could catch Phil, Wayne or Andrea finishing since I did not have my phone (it was in the bag, along with the bus tickets and spare clothing) luckily the sun was out and it was quite warm, needless to say I did not find anyone so decided to walk the mile up to the bus in case Sharon had gone ahead, but she had not so I walked the mile back to the finish again but this was being cleared away so I was running out of options, however I managed to blag my way onto the City Centre bus, even though I did not have my ticket, and was dropped back at the start, so then another walk back to the apartment where I found Sharon and she called off the Police search she had instigated.  Thankfully I had told Sharon all the codes for the apartment so that she could get in and Wayne and Erol availed themselves of our shower facilities prior to going to the airport, at least they did not drink the bottle of Champagne I had in the fridge that would have just finished me off.

A very memorable trip, which we can dine out on for a long time, a great weekend with lovely people and a flat and fast marathon, what are you all waiting for, just be better organised than me at the finish.




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