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Green Park 10k – Members’ highlights

John Green – Finished in 57:18 in his first 10k

As I stood on the starting line in the intense heat I knew my first ever 10k race wouldn’t be as easy as had hoped. For the first 5k I felt good but after that I started struggling. Sure it didn’t help that I’m used to Parkruns and I still had another to go! I ended up walking to recover a kilometer before the finish, so I could finish strongly, when a lad behind me spurred me on to run the rest with him and even nearly sprint right at the end. My only aim was to get under an hour and I achieved that so was happy in myself.


Phil Guy – Finished in 40:30

I only booked the Green Park 10K at the beginning of race week after a successful run at the Bracknell half marathon.  This was the second time I had raced, after last year’s car parking issues (45 mins to park); I decided to leave my car away from the public car parks.  Needless to say there were no queues.  It was becoming pretty hot; Bracknell had ended by 10:30 which was the start time. After getting to the race village, which is very picturesque with the river and grass banks I dropped my bag off and headed to the start line.  There had been a great change to the course for 2018; the sharp left corner after 50 yards had been removed.  Fellow SJ’s Jim Laidlaw and Andrew Brooks were at the start.  We agreed on the heat wasn’t going to help us and I made my excuses of running slowly as I felt pretty rough for no real reason.

For the first time ever a Reading event started on time!  Off we went through the Business Park, a loop then off into the countryside and motorway bridges. The course is pretty flat but lonely as you only go pass a handful of people after Green Park.  The first 2K was good, by the third Andy had blasted past me I had started to feel the heat, I needed water which I got at the first water station, before I had time to drink from the cup it had collided with another runner and my cup was down to a few drops (it was going to be one of these runs).  I clocked 20:10 at 5K, with runners constantly going by me; the race was feeling like Frimley (2 weeks before which was my worst ever 10k in soaring heat at least no hills this time!) I was thinking 41 mins would be ok.

After 7k I seemed to gain some energy (maybe gels and a second and better attempt of getting and drinking water at 6.4K) and I started feeling really strong, I saw AB gradually getting nearer.  There is some friendly rivalry between us, which usually see’s Andy pass me towards the end of the race.  This time roles could becoming reversed, with 1km left as we re- entered Green park I made my move and went pass him, jokingly adding I expected him to zoom pass me in the finishing straight!

The last 1K was pretty fast and I overtook a few runners blasting down the straight to the finishing line clocking in at 40:30 which was 4th best time ever (a very good recovery). I’m still trying to break the 40 minutes next stop Dorney Lake in a couple of weeks.


Andrew Brooks – Finished in 40:44

Too hot for a fast 10k on the day. Flat course but little support apart from the start/finish area. Not one of my favourites.


Andrea Vincent – Finished in 53:17

It was hot and my lesson learned was when going off with a pacer be prepared for them to go off too fast. At 3k in I gave up chasing them and discovered when I analysed my watch later the first 3k was at 49 minute pace rather than 50!


Jim Laidlaw – Finished in 46:55

Green park 10k. Great little event. Very well organised with two great kids events before hand. Not as flat as they make out! Will be back next year.

Green Park 10k


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