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Endure24 – SJ Member Highlights

Nigel Evans

My weekend personal highlight was running my 3rd lap in the dark at 2am. It was the first time I had raced at night with a head torch and it was brilliant with some of the route lit up with fairy lights and seeing the head torches of the other runners bobbing up and down in the darkness. It was my slowest lap because I was being more careful especially through the wooded area but it felt a very personal lap because my head torch just lit up a small piece of track in front of me with darkness all around. However my highlight “highlight” was the amazing hot shower I had to freshen up at 3am after the run.

I think that Endure24 is such a special event because if you bring together 1000s of people all doing something they love in a wonderful location how can it not be an amazing experience. Combine that with brilliant organisation, cleanliness of the facilities and having the privilege of running with and being inspired by some amazing people you have something very special.

Nigel Endure


Sophie Le Saux

My personal highlight was to cross the finishing line with Katie and the girls on the final lap. I felt so proud!  I also welcomed the cheering from the pink and white fairies in the woods!

It was my first Endure 24 and wasn’t sure what to expect. To me, it all comes down to having the will to run for lap after lap through sun, tiredness and discomfort. I feel so immensely proud of what my teammates and I have achieved. And somehow I must have enjoyed it as I can’t stop talking about it!!



Patrick Wadsworth

For me the highlight was being part of a team that were up for the challenge and who all ran well whatever time their lap was. Great friendships made.

It is special as there are lots of SJ there and each person has a different reason to be there but all get just as much support and encouragement. Some want to do long distances, some want to run fast, some want to try running at different times of the day and some just want to see what all the fuss is about. All are accepted and encouraged equally. Whether you are super speedy or slow and steady there is a place for you and a contribution you can make.

Lina and Patrick


Will Lucas

I would say my personal highlight is hard to choose as there are many which is why it’s a special event. If I had to narrow it down I would say my main highlight was sitting down to realise that I had run further than I had ever before in such short space of time. The feeling of that mixed with doing it as part of a supportive team was great, for which I don’t think I could have achieved it without.

Why is it a special event?, well the fact that all runners become a supportive team in their own is enough. Regardless of which running club people were from, I heard and saw so much support both from and to so many runners. I met so many interesting people which I would never have spoken to if it was not for the event, that’s what makes it special for me.

Andrea Kate Charlie Will Endure 24.jpg


Charlie St Aubyn

My highlight was running the first lap for the first time. I’ve never experienced the start as a runner before. The support was amazing.

It’s just really, really friendly. The course is never boring. I’ve now run 31 laps of it in 4 years and it’s still fun. Everything just works and there’s a brilliant mix of abilities, but everyone faces their own particular challenges. Underestimate it at your peril.

CSA Flying


Jane Bannister

Personal Highlight – running in a team of 4 for 24 hours and 7 laps against last year as a team of 8 and running 4 laps.

What makes it special – the relaxed running attitude of everyone in our team – no one was worried about time which was probably what worried me the most. If I needed a break we had a backup plan – Patrick would run – which also helped, but as it was we were all able to do our laps in turn.

It gives you the opportunity to catch up with different people all throughout the weekend. Friday was great to have a drink and others even managed this on Saturday – that’s something I shall work on for next year. It’s great to be able to go and cheer on other runners throughout the weekend. I enjoyed it so much my small team is already booked for next year.

Jane Endure


Wayne Boardman

Personal highlight for me is getting to run as part of a team. Rarely when I race do I do so as part of a team, and the team spirit at Endure is brilliant.

It’s such a special event for two reasons, one being the wonderfully challenging course, and two being the social side of the event. Simply brilliant all round

Wayne Endure.jpg


Stuart Overhill

My personal highlight were my two night laps, which are great fun, especially through the twisty and technical section after heartbreak hill. These are lit up with fairy lights and is welcome relief after that hill.

Endure is such a great event as it gives you the opportunity to talk to club mates, who you may have not spoken to before. It’s a tough event and a tough course and it’s great to feel part of a team.


Kate Parker

Personal highlight was a) getting there, but b) the number of miles I managed on how little training I’d done! I’ve been struggling the last few months feeling like I’ve been on the verge of injury (hence all the tape!) So I’m over the moon that I managed to get round safely and I’m still running! But also I’ve not been running much because of that, with my longest run being the modified grizzly at 8 miles, yet I managed to run 30! Which is a huge achievement for me!

The event just has the most amazing atmosphere, not just from the club, but all the runners, supporters, and marshals. You Just get such a buzz being there, cheering on other runners and the camaraderie within the club is so uplifting! I definitely preferred the small teams where I managed to run more, and it was great to have so much support and encouragement from everyone!

Legends photobooth.jpg


Chris Lambourne

Well what can I say – a 24 hour race with very little sleep if any, enough time in between each lap to try and get some rest, refuel, grab a quick wash or sit down, chill out and get to know some of the other team or a mixture of all. This is my 5th year in a row of Endure24 so there must be something that attracts me year after year.

Each year seems to get better and better  with a roving Land Rover discotheque and huge fire pit to enjoy. Marshals are always supportive and site staff always very efficient.
I was in a team as always which I love – we are all different abilities but regardless everyone gives there all…! Same time next year?

Chris Endure


Lisa Hale

This was my 4th time doing Endure, my second as a team of 8 with Sandhurst Joggers (which is definitely my favourite scenario!) I really like the course, my favourite bit is definitely Heartbreak Hill….followed by the great support as you come back into camp. It never gets boring as it seems different depending on the time of day, with the super early morning as the sun comes up being the best time for me.

I love catching up with other club members and the team spirit, and spending the weekend eating peanut butter and jam sandwiches and flapjack! It’s always well organised with a great atmosphere. Special thanks to Nikki for organising and kitting out the ladies!

Lisa Endure


Hannah Glaister

I was so worried about literally everything endure involved – camping, Running through the night, spending 24 hours with people I didn’t know well – I don’t even know how I’d let myself get talked in to it. So when I arrived it was just lovely to be welcomed and reassured by everyone. My 5 star accommodation for the night had been put up, I was instantly made a cup of tea, and Nikki could obviously tell how nervous I was so came to put me at ease immediately. I enjoyed getting to know people I’d not talked to much before, I even enjoyed getting up at 4.15am to go on my 3rd leg. (I didn’t enjoy falling arse over face over a tree root on the midnight run though!)

It was great chatting to random people on all the laps, many of whom were on solo runs and pleased to have company. I mostly enjoyed Blanche’s bar, particularly the rhubarb vodka 😀 I would definitely love to do this again next year and try and stay upright all the way!

Hannah flying feet


Lou Gubb

Personal Highlights – completing my most amount of laps 7 x 5 miles; turning the corner to Heartbreak Hill on lap 5 and seeing Zerrin about to start it – both of us ran up it whilst everyone else around us were walking! Seeing Lina on her final lap, stopping for a photo with her on her way to completing 90 miles!

Endure is such an amazing event because it brings friends, club mates, people of all abilities together in a non competitive (!) environment doing something slightly crazy and the ridiculous slightly random conversations you find yourself having as lack of sleep sets in over the 24 hours! Can’t beat it!!!



Sarah Hyatt

Personal highlight for me would be how surprised I was with the consistency of my runs, didn’t expect them to be as quick as they were.

Why it’s such a special event- being able to run round a super course at all times of the day/ night,  the buzz and camaraderie within the teams around the camp with that festival feel.

Sarah Hyatt photobooth

Steve Mott

My highlight was (strangely) the 3:30am run which started in the black, but turned to dawn with bird song towards the end.

The camaraderie and team work to keep everyone going is what makes the event so special.

Steve Mott.jpg


Jenny Robinson

Five years ago whilst in the pub after a long week at work I suggested that we enter a team in Endure. It was a bit of a joke but they all went for it and we formed Runners Moving Slowly (our school is RMS). We have raised money for a number of charities over the years and have always had a great weekend away of team building and fun. When we started doing it they were a group of non runners but gradually some have caught the bug and Kirsty Kent has even joined Sandhurst Joggers. Again this year we had a great time. We use it as an opportunity to catch up on a year of gossip!! Although we all work together each day often a whole week goes past without chatting so 24 hours of gossiping and putting the world to rights is an amazing opportunity!! It turns out for a group of non runners they are all pretty good!! We managed 35 laps and finished 19th!! We had fun and have already entered again next year!!


Graham Robinson

Highlight – our ladies team fighting it out the whole 24 hours for the podium positions. In particular finding out at 9pm that they were in 1st and that it was very tight between the top 3 teams…

Special – it’s just a great chance to socialise with a whole group of people from the club and also do a few 5 mile runs in between. Roll on next year…

Graham near finish


Gemma Potter

I love the Team atmosphere across all teams, the support from the whole club and the real ‘have fun’ mentality. I obviously think our Ladies Team do this particularly well! No pressure to achieve a time or personal angst that this is a key race – it’s running for fun with friends.

Friendly cheers, waves, snacks and welcomes back to camp are pretty special too.


Andrea Hadfield

My main highlight of the weekend (other than going out for my night laps with my flashing shoelaces!) was crossing the finish-line with my brilliant teammates, which is also one of the things that makes Endure24 such a special event; running can be quite a lonely sport, and as someone who never really did team sports when I was at school, it’s a great way to really feel like part of a team! Hoping to be back next year for the 4th one in a row…

SJ Womens legs hurt.jpg


Caroline Cutliffe

Highlight of the weekend for me was running one of my laps just as the sun set – amazing! The reason it’s such a special event is because of the people who take part – all ages, all speeds and every single person supporting each other with a few words, a smile or a pat on the back.

Caroline Endure


Pat Denston

My personal high of the weekend was the group photo at the end. It really came home the teams achievements.

The part for me that makes it special is everyone running has their own agenda so it doesn’t matter if you’re over taking someone or being overtaken.

Patrick Denston.jpg


Blanche Barnes

Highlights: Trying, surviving (and ok, actually enjoying) 2 things for the first time – camping & running off road in the dark woods at 2am! Getting to meet & have a good chat with more SJs – assisted by the popularity of the infamous rhubarb vodka in our pop-up bar – amazed to see it sampled by some of our fast runners like Nikki Stanley, not to mention Ian Watson’s epic idea of combining it with prosecco.

What makes it special: the super-friendly atmosphere – both on the course, chatting to numerous other runners; and at the campsite – Hannah & I would have been sleeping on the grass without all the help from numerous SJs.

Hannah & Blanche


John Tovell

I can’t think of a specific highlight this year to compare for example with the start last year when the first runner overtook the army scout car! That said, I was impressed with the firepit this year. It was nice and cosy sitting on the hay bales watching the flames in the dark. And the Vdub bar always gets me smiling.

This is my 3rd time at Endure and what keeps me coming back is the friendly, festival atmosphere, both at the event overall and within the SJ camp. It is a great opportunity to get to know SJs better, especially those on one’s team.

mixed crew


Carl Bradshaw

This was to be my 2nd endure, coming in as a reserve and teaming up with Caroline Cutliffe as a vice captain of the mixed team. This event is now the highlight on my running calendar, for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it brings all sorts of people together, and you see the best in people; everyone cheering every single person round whether they’re running fast or walking slowly. By enduring 24hrs with little sleep, everyone shares in the same adventure, this creates friendship and great stories. That is why, its now my favourite race of the season.

Highlights this year was getting nearly 4 hours of sleep, which made me more awake in the morning. The way Hannah had Charles, making her teas and generally had all the boys doing jobs for her. It was a great camaraderie within the club, and was topped off with nice weather, which does make it even more enjoyable. This is one not to miss for an amazing time!

Carl Endure


Fiona Marshall

Too many highlights. I guess the ones that stand out are: having a massage on Sunday morning whilst listening to some really good drum and base and then leaping around dancing to it (and embarrassing youngest daughter) and the end when everyone got together to take a photo.

What makes it special?: I think it must be the feeling of support from everyone and a real sense of calm and enjoyment. And the fact that you have to camp. Keep fit and living in a field, two of my favourite things!


Jon Gubb

Highlight was the atmosphere at night and seeing everyone tired but buzzing either before, during or after their stint. Was great to be out there for the treble – a special run.

It’s a family feel event where all of the members rallied round and made sure that the baton was passed on no matter what.

Jon Gubb.jpg


Jim Casey

Its hard to find one personal highlight over the weekend but if I can have one for each day!

Friday – When we have the base camp set and we are just relaxing with a drink chilling with the sounds from the mobile DJ in the land rover driving around the campsite or the old school sounds coming from the tented village later in the evening.

Saturday – It has to be running my night leg just seeing the snake of head torches coming back down heartbreak hill when I am try to run up it.

Sunday – The first was my 5am run yes I did say 5am. I was taking aback by how still everything was just the birds singing it was just one of those beautiful moments in life.

What makes this event so special; its the runners and our attitude life – everyone is equal and trying to reach our goals.

Jim thumbs


Heidi Zymela

My personal highlight of the weekend was completing all of my scheduled laps successfully, and doing so surrounded by such a great team of ladies.

Endure24 is a special event in my opinion because the teamwork doesn’t just last a couple of hours. You feel like you’ve actually gotten to really know your team mates; what do they see as a challenge and why they choose to run. You just wouldn’t get that level of understanding and camaraderie in a short relay race.


Sharon Burfield

The highlight for me was running across the line with the rest of the ladies team!

What I really love about endure is getting the chance to run and chat with lots of club members who I don’t normally see!


Ian Watson

The event is special because it’s probably the first time for many runners (from all teams) to experience for the first time the challenge and joy of night running.

My personal highlight was to learn things about myself.. like finding that rhubarb vodka and prosecco cocktail is now my new summer go-to picnic choice.

Ian night laps.jpg


Nikki Stanley

Personal highlight: running across the finishing line together whilst I carried the club flag. Particularly as we weren’t sure whether it would fit under the blow up archway but against better advice I took it anyway. I was so so proud of our team – they’re all incredible women and crossing that line with them was amazing.

Why is the event so special: some might say you learn what your body is capable of. But for me, you learn more about yourself whilst running with others and realise just how strong you can be with good support from those around you and not wanting to let them down. I got myself to that transition zone not because I wanted to get up at 3am, but because I wanted to be there for Gemma (who handed over to me) and the relief and gratitude I felt each time I finished and saw Sarah waiting for me made me realise that for me personally, endure is absolutely about being and running as a team. “Coming together is a beginning, running together is progress, finishing together is success”. In our team – it doesn’t matter how far we go, just that we’re there to support each other and achieve our own best. And if that happens to mean we’re faster than other ‘all women’ teams around us, well then that’s just a bonus.

SJ Women's Endure team


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