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Jim Laidlaw samples a new format at the Adidas 1 Hour Challenge

Sunday 17th June. This is Imogen, my daughter’s 5th birthday, also this year it was Father’s Day.
A work colleague that had paced me to my 10k PB at Putney how found out about the Adidas challenge and suggested it could be a good run to do together. I said ‘great… when is it?’… June 17th
How am I going to get away with this one I thought..!
A family day out in London!! Starting at St Paul’s… which just so happened to be where the start of the event was located. It was a little harder to convince the family than that but I did get my Father’s Day treat of being allowed to run.
Jim Adidas 1 course 3 st pauls
The event had 4 waves and as the name of the event suggests all are 1 hour runs. With waves starting at 9:00/10:15/11:30 and 12:45 this gave everyone 15 mins to get to the start/ finish area.
I was in the 10:15 wave meaning I could have a bit of breakfast and get a slightly later train up. The family planned to meet me after.
The 9am wave was about half done when I arrived so it was good to spot the route and see how well it was marked out. The mile turn point looked a bit sharp as it turned back on itself! The Race village was actually just around the corner from St Paul’s but the start line was just along side it.
Jim Adidas 1 course 2
As we got in to the start area the guys started ramping up the noise, full warm up mode was on as the Adidas team got you all going. The 9am wave hooter went off and they all come back in saying what fun they had. The mass of black Adidas tops was unreal. You had to wear the top as it had your own race number printed on. The distance was recorded every 0.1 of a mile in a 1 full mile loop. I had intentions of getting as close as I could to 8.5 /9 miles as possible.
Olympic 800m star Lynsey Sharp started the Race with a little pep talk and a horn.
As we stated it became instantly clear that following my mate for pacing wasn’t going to work! A) Because we all had the same tops on and B) Because he ran the first mile in 6.09 😂 he later apologised for that. He’s in great form at present. I managed at Steady 6.50 first mile and then settled into 7.20 min/miles.
Jim Adidas 1 course 1
The route was nice and started downhill for 0.2 miles, then back up a little to 0.5, then back down again to 0.7 before climbing back up to the turn at 1 mile. Music was being pumped out around the 0.7 area and Adidas had loads of people all over the route with flashes, flags, shouts, etc. They were on top of this big time .
It was a bit different running with out have a target finish line, the old ‘right there’s the end – I’ll sprint it in’ wouldn’t work today. It’s was also odd having all sorts of pacing going on. I got lapped twice by one guy who I noticed because of his pineapple style haircut, but I had no idea who was near my time, speed or distance otherwise, this made it a little bit more relaxed. I just used it as a fun training run but pushed just that little bit more out.
Jim Adidas 1 en course
The furthest distance in my wave was 10.4 and the shortest was 1 mile. This was marked down as the ‘Fast’ wave but it was fairly open paced to anyone.
Jim Adidas 1 and friend.jpg
Having run Endure pretty hard the weekend before this my legs were a little tired, but I managed 8.3 miles in the 1 hour window, with steady splits of 6.50, 6.59, 7.18, 7.21, 7.29, 7.29, 7.21, 7.22 and 1.47 sprint for the last 0.3. My strava is saying I was just a bit short but it lost a bit of signal in the small tunnel on the course. My race buddy ran 9.1 miles! Glad he didn’t lap me otherwise work on Monday would have been fun.
Jim Adidas 1 splits
My family were at the 0.2 marker and just got there as I was finishing lap8, this meant high fives for the birthday girl!
We got a big medal and a couple of drinks after but no goodie bag. I have entered their next event which is the Clapham 10k in September as I’m sure it’s going to be very well organised.
We all then had Imogen’s day out in London, I’m sure the recovery walk did me some good 😂

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