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Mark Neve tells of his latest Marathon; Star Run

I guess some people might think running 8 x 3.28 mile out and back laps as a strange thing to do on a Sunday when an England game is on, but that’s what I did last Sunday. The event was Saturn running’s “Star Runs IV” complete with a fantastic Star Wars medal. I’ve been a bit of a Star Wars nerd for many years and I have a sizable collection of original toys from the 70s and 80s, however I digress. The laps format works really well as you can complete 1 lap for a 5k all the way up to 9 ½ laps for a 50k ultra.


This was my first run at the runnymead pleasure grounds and the venue is great. A perfect place to take it easy for the day as the sun was shining and it was very warm. Registration was nice and easy and I moved to the start area for the pre-race briefing. I spotted a fellow Bracknell Parkrunner and had a good chat with him and his wife before the start. I also spotted Sandhurst Joggers very own Martin Gould who I’m getting to know quite well now.


We had a 3-2-1 countdown and we were off, the course was nice, with a little shade on a scorching hot day. It was quite narrow in places and there was a pretty steep bridge which I knew would hurt later on. The refreshment stall was fantastic with chocolate granola chunks, sweets, pretzels, nuts and fantastically sugary Coke and Iron Bru. Needless to say, I was fuelled and hydrated suitably all the way through the marathon.


The run was pretty good, what makes these lap runs so great is the people. The support from other runners was exceptional and I had a good chat with a few other runners and switching back to my audio book ‘The Day of the Triffids’ when I was alone. As 1pm rolled around, I switched over to 5 live so I could listen to the England game and the time just flew by as I enjoyed the 6-1 score line. Around the 20 mile mark I had a phone call from my wife checking what time I’d be home and I was confident I was doing a 50k ultra, however by the time I made it to 25 miles, I just wanted to quit when I completed the marathon distance, so I did! I’ll have to complete the ultra distance another day.


Star Runner medal


The whole day was fantastic, the organisation was first class. The medal was out of this galaxy and the refreshments were yummy. I really love these low key events where everyone is so friendly and it’s so close too (half an hour from Sandhurst). I’ll be back for their next event ‘The Gobling King run’, in Earley, near Reading. Who doesn’t love a David Bowie themed medal?






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