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July Handicap Results

Here’s the results you’re all keen to see as we complete the seventh edition of the 2018 Handicap Competition. Simon has managed the remarkable feat of both officiating and running this month! 46 members still have the potential to complete the full quotient of 7 qualifying runs although Colin Carpenter is the only member to have run every month of 2018 and already have logged his full quota. Colin has has a fantastic run so far but even he has some scores that could be improved on. Behind him the competition is really hotting up.

Twenty four runners took to the start adjacent to the Morgan Rec including four first timers and a number of familiar faces returning to Handicap action. Fastest on the night was Graham Robinson with a season’s best of 23:41, just 60 seconds ahead of new member and first timer Andy Provost. Colin Carpenter yet against posted the biggest improvement for the fourth time this year as he went faster again. Krzysztof Zielinski also scored a PB en route to finishing in 3rd place, his 38 second improvement saw him take the points for second place in the annual competition.

SJ Handicap July Results

Colin’s 30 point haul has enabled him to further extend his lead at the top of the table to 66 points. Mike Guess heads a tightly packed group including  Dick Newman, Graham Robinson and Patrick Wadsworth with only 10 points separating them but all have the potential to improve their scores. We’ve included all members who have run in at least two events so far this year.

SJ Handicap July Series



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