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Masters of the Runiverse – Mark Neve tells of his latest marathon

This was my third lapped event with Saturn running. The layout is the same as most of the Phoenix event runs – 3.28 Mile laps, 8 for marathon distance and you get an awesome medal. I really like this course in Early, as there’s no big bridges!

It’s been pretty nice to bump into many of the same runners at different events, events which are nice and small, so even someone like me, who’s terrible with names and faces can get to know some people. Laps mean you cross paths with other marathon runners maybe 15 times and people sometimes slow down for a chat. Here are some of the interesting people I’ve met:

Will and Sandy who run Jogging Made Easy came prepared for the run dressed as He-Man and She-Ra and even on a cooler day must have been stifling hot.

he man.png

Leon The Runner! I know Leon is one of our own but I’d never met Leon until recently and he finished his 100th marathon the day before I ran my first, so he’s a huge inspiration to me and always has a smile on his face and seems to know everyone and their dog but then he has spent a lot of time running with them.

Leslie (who ran the 26.2 with Leon) was taking it easy as she’d ran a 50k the day before. Taking it easy ended up with her completing another 50k.

Our very own Martin Gould was running and kept me company for 5 hours as we chatted about all sorts of things until he decided to show me a clean pair of heels around mile 23 finishing about 8 minutes before me.

Mark and Martin.png

George McDonough is the man behind Saturn Running, he finished his 52 marathons in 52 weeks last weekend and snuck in a 50k on Sunday too.

Steve who had just completed his 12 marathons in 12 months challenge the week before, who I barraged with questions as 12 in 12 is my next goal. 

People tell me they hate the idea of running laps, but I don’t think you’d get to meet such a mix of runners in a big marathon, these events just seem much more personal.

Masters of the Runiverse marathon.png

My next marathon (8/12) is at East Farm on 25th August , my first with White Star Running who I’ve heard lots of good things about. I hope there’ll be some more Sandhurst Joggers there to chat to.

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