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New Forest 10k – Deb Harris tells of this beautiful mixed terrain event

So Sunday morning saw me getting up at 5:15 am to head off for the New Forest Marathon event, first stop Hook to join Lou (ex SJ member) and a few more mad people from Hook Runners for our convoy to the New Forest. We started off early mainly to avoid the queue getting into the car park later on. Luckily the weather was OK, even if it was dull and a bit breezy at the race village.  The 10k wasn’t due to start until 10am so we cheered the marathon runners and then the half marathon runners off before we dropped our bags and headed for the warm up area, where some mega happy, energetic fit bloke was telling us to squat and lunge, star jump etc etc. Hoping his energy had rubbed off on us we headed for the start line.

Deb New Forest stream

By now the sun had come out and if you know the New Forest you’ll know how beautiful it is and even more so with the sun breaking through the trees. The terrain is mixed, with light/small stones to larger stones, dusty woodland paths, grass and for short time tarmac but happily no mud his year due to our very dry summer.

Deb New Forest bridge

The start is very busy, but typically thins out within the first half mile or so. It’s well marshalled and needs to be as there certain points where the longer distance runners join us and then we split off again further on.

Deb New Forest finish

Despite the long day and Lou having an ongoing issue with her back which meant we decided to Jeff the course, I still enjoyed this run. The weather helped along with the friendliness of everyone be it a fellow runner or marshal. Lovely medal, tshirt in your race park, which you need to pickup before the race. If you haven’t tried it yet I highly recommend you give it a go. Various distances to run, marathon, half, 10 k,  a 5k, junior race and a woodland walk.

Deb New Forest medal


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