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Farnham Pilgrim Marathon and Half Marathon – SJ Members’ Highlight

Pilgrim start

Nigel Evans – “Pilgrim Marathon- beautiful route – bloody hilly – bloody long way – yes would do it again.”

Ian Watson – “I’d thoroughly recommend this event.  Even the Half could be done by someone for whom a shorter distance would be considered by them to be a stretch.  If you’re comfortable with doing a club run, you could do this.  Not because it’s an easy one.  Far from it.  But remember that a “Walk+” attitude will be rewarded by a great experience.  As for the strong/fast, it would be a great course for taking up a challenge and really going for it.  I’ll be at it again, for sure.” – Click here to read Ian’s full report

Andrea Hadfield – “Absolutely loved this event – great scenery and more importantly drinks/food stations every 2 miles or so! Very friendly atmosphere made even better by the large turnout from SJ – one for the running diary for next year. Not an easy event by any means but thoroughly enjoyable despite the big sandy hill halfway round (St Martha’s!)”

Martin Gould – “This is the third time I have run the marathon along with doing the half from almost the start 9 years ago. It’s a great route, you get a TShirt & a medal, it’s probably the best marshalled event I have been to. And all this for £32 with the profits going to local charities.”

Tina Acock – “I’m still slightly broken, but I’ll live! It is still one of the most beautiful marathons I’ve done although it’s a tough course. I’m back next year to better my time and enjoy the views again. I would encourage anyone running marathons to do this course.”

Lance King – “It was a perfect day for running through the challenging Surrey Hillls for what must be one of the best marshalled marathon events by far. The terrain varies throughout and concentration is required from start to finish. Highlighted by me being able to catch my friend as he flew through the air after tripping on a root. Thankfully escaping with only a grazed elbow. I plan to return again next year for the 10th anniversary especially as it is Always Sunny in Surrey – well it always seems to be for this event!”

Sharon Burfield – “A lovely, local Marathon with beautiful scenery and great aid stations! Challenging but definitely worth it!”

Jane Bannister – “This was my 2nd marathon and couldn’t have been more different to the first one which was Leon’s 100th. This was off road and hilly. Nigel Evans had offered to run this with me and Alison Jones joined us. There were plenty of opportunities for photo stops and the views were stunning. We had already decided to walk the steep hills and run everything else and this was a good plan. It was superb day and the weather was excellent. There were loads of aid stations with plenty of food and lovely marshals. Definitely one for the calendar for next year.”

Alison Jones – “My slowest marathon by far, but the company was great, the route was challenging, the scenery was fabulous and plenty of pics were taken to prove this.  Definitely should be on everyone’s list, even just for the scenery the cakes and the marshals.” – click here to read Alison’s full report

Pilgrim SJ mara results

Pilgrim SJ crew

Andrew Brooks – “This was my 3rd attempt at the Pilgrims half marathon and it turned out to be just as hard as the first 2 attempts. Having learned the hard way from previous attempts I set out with a game plan – go fast on the flat / downhill and take it very easy on the uphill sections. This seemed to work as I still managed a reasonable turn of pace towards the end of the race, finishing within my target time of 1hr 40 minutes which turned out to be good enough for 27th place overall. If you fancy a trail half marathon then this a great race to try. The course covers all types of terrain from road to sand, across fields and through forests with some fantastic views along the way. The event is very well organised with friendly marshals which always makes for an enjoyable run – did I mention they also have cakes at the water stops? Next year is the 10th anniversary of the event and I hear they may run the course backwards (the marathon and half marathon) – that could be interesting.”

Katie Herrington – “It was more of a recovery run from Ridgeway 86 miler two weeks before! So I was out for a Sunday plod and not going for a time or anything. The run was relaxing and the scenery was lovely as usual. The legs had a tantrum at Mile 10 which rather slowed me down towards the end but aside from that nothing too exciting!”

Emma Lewis – “The Pilgrim is by far my favourite race of the year. I’m returning from 3 months of illness so my fitness isn’t great but when I saw they were accepting entries for walkers on the half marathon it seemed like a perfect opportunity to enjoy the race. I wasn’t disappointed as the trail is absolutely beautiful and it was wonderful to be out in the sunshine taking in the views. The hills on the half marathon are fewer and less challenging than on the full so this is an ideal race for someone wanting to try a trail race for the first time. With a generous cut-off for the half (4.5 hours) this is a great race for beginners and run/walkers. Next year is the 10th anniversary of the race and I will definitely be back!”

Pilgrim half marathon results 2018

Pilgrim team


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