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Mark Neve tells of the GNR Geordie Style

Ah wez looking forward te the Geet North Run as Ah wez running wi me sister an wi were raising money fre the lercal hospital weor Ah grew up an aal but me nuclear family still live. Me sister ernly really runs short distances so this wez a git big step up fre hor an sheh struggled wi training in the heat but got 13.1 in a few weeks ago an wez confident gannin in te the race.

GNR bridge.JPG

As wi were released frem wor pen wi had a mix of rain an sunshine wi the heat growing through the run. Wor wave set off in high spirits wi lots of shouts of Oggy Oggy Oggy (Oi Oi Oi) when wi ran through underpasses an gannin ower the Tyne bridge wez geet . The crowds were fantastic aal the way roond the course offering support te aal the runners. It wez really canny good te see The Red Arrows as they did several fly overs fre weh . Me sister struggled wi some o the hills but did me proud wi a super strong finish even though sheh wez knackered an Ah loved seeing the determination on hor face when things got tough.

GNR Mark

Ah ernly had a couple of things Ah divvnae enjoy. The course wez rammed stowed an yee spent myest o the run weaving in an oot of a huge number of fowk fowk walking. Everything wez just tee crowded frem the stort te picking up medals an getting hyem . It wez a git long dyah tee , it started at me sisters hoose in North Yorkshire at 5:30am an ended up back hyem in Sandhurst at 11:00pm. If you’re thinking of running, i’d suggest staying locally if possible, Sooth Shields isn’t laid oot fre 70,000 fowk fowk te try an leave at the same time. It wez fun te dee , but Ah divvent knaa if I’d gis it a gan agyen.


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