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Lee Valley Half – Lou Turner battles injury to complete her first half marathon

On Sunday 7th October I took part in the race for life half marathon at Lee Valley which was my first half marathon. I was so excited for the event but as I pulled into the car park the nerves hit me having not fully trained and only just recovered from an injury from the Shine walking marathon.

I had been advised that it was a flat course with a ‘slight’ hill and the route took us around the Lee valley water park, along the River Lea and through Lee Valley farm and fields…. and that ‘slight’ hill. The slight hill that zig zagged and zig zagged and went on and on, I would say the downhill part was fun but I’ve never concentrated so hard like I did not to rumble and roll.

The first 7km felt like a breeze and I got a good rhythm with my breathing and pace then I could slowly feel my good foot start going tight and painful so following my consultants advice I dropped down to jog/walking and carried on until I felt like someone was using the tendons and ligaments in my foot like a guitar and had to cave in and walk the final 7km. I was absolutely devastated but I kept going and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the gorgeous canal boats and limped over the finish line with the help of the amazing little cheer squad who kept me going.

Lou medals

Got a nice little goody bag and a fab medal at the end. Despite not been able to have run the whole distance I was proud that I still managed to complete it, and complete my goals that I set at the beginning of the year to do a 5km, 5km muddy obstacle course, 10km, half marathon and a marathon (although it was a walking one it’s still ticked off my bucket list) and I have had fun along the way getting fit and raising money for cancer research. Sadly now I am out the running game for a while whilst I recover and have swapped my trainers for crutches and a special shoe whilst the inflammation goes down and my foot heals properly.

Lou injury


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